Angie Katsanevas on Watch What Happens Live
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Angie Katsanevas Shades RHOSLC Cast: ‘People Will Say Anything To Be Relevant’

From “friend of” to full-time cast member, Angie Katsanevas of The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City has earned her keep this season. If you’re watching, you already know that Angie has been the center of drama.

This season almost immediately kicked off with castmate Meredith Marks stirring up trouble for Angie. Meredith, who is known to make threats about some vague information she has up her sleeve, came for Angie’s marriage. Meredith spread a rumor that Angie’s husband was stepping out on her with other men.

RHOSLC’s Angie wants to be friends with everyone

Apparently, this level of vitriol is a surprise to Angie, who I think should know better by now. She explained her stance on “Housewives Happy Hour” hosted by Us Weekly, “I’m naïve, I want to be friends with everyone.”

Angie added, “I learned that everyone is not your friend, and that’s sad. I was hoping that everyone would have the same mentality as me, but it’s a little eye-opener that sadly you have to be cautious with some people.”

Now look, I don’t know what show Angie thought she was on, but this is not the one where everyone is friends. Further, Angie didn’t exactly give “friends with everyone” vibes when she was on last season. So I’m not buying it.

Angie comes for Meredith

Regardless, when it comes to Meredith, Angie insists that Meredith’s claims were below the belt. “I say your jewelry’s dusty, and this is where you take it? Look, here’s the bottom line. If people need to hitch their wagon to me to be relevant, let them. Everyone in Salt Lake City knows the truth. These rumors about infidelity have never existed.”

But the mom and entrepreneur couldn’t resist a dig at Meredith. Fans of the show have noted the oddity of Meredith’s ever-changing accent on the show, something that was highlighted during a cast trip to Palm Springs.

Said Angie, “Meredith has multiple personalities. Today I’m British, today I’m Greek, today I’m American. I don’t know, it’s fun, good for her. Lots of role-playing going on.” She continued, “Look, I stay pretty sober while filming and just in general, so I don’t know if it’s the wine. I don’t know what it is that brings on these accents and these personalities.”

Speaking of cast trips, Angie admitted that she will “never again” show up for a trip uninvited, like in Palm Springs. “Look, I’m all down for the fun, and next time, hopefully, I’ll be the hostess and I will include everyone.”

Finally, Angie shared what she has learned from this season. “Not everyone’s your friend. But I have my friends by my side, and I’m so grateful for that.” She concluded, “The biggest thing I’ve learned is don’t believe everything because people will say anything to be relevant.”

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