Every New Housewife In 2023, Ranked

The Real Housewives of New York
(Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images for Vox Media)

Every year, the Real Housewives franchise adds a few new women as sacrificial lambs. However, some rise to the occasion, often making an impact on viewers. 2023 saw numerous rookies all vying for a chance to prove they were Bravo material. Below is our list from worst to best for this past year. 

Nneka Ihim – RHOP

Nneka Ihim/Instagram

The Real Housewives of Potomac is back and even added a new housewife, Nneka Ihim. Her placement on this list isn’t indicative of her ability to bring drama to the popular series. She is only ranked the lowest because the newest season is still getting going. However, the rookie has plenty of potential. Nneka is an attorney and a first-generation Nigerian American.

Naturally, as a housewife, she does like the finer things in life and is married to Dr. Ikenna Ihim. Nneka made it clear she actually lived in the Potomac zip code (20854), unlike some of the other women. There is bound to be tension between her and Wendy Osefo as family secrets begin to be uncovered. 

Annemarie Wiley – RHOBH

Annemarie Wiley/Instagram

RHOBH Season 13 introduced Annemarie Wiley to the group of diamond holders. The nurse and mother of four definitely knows how to mix up the drama and doesn’t shy away from the hard questions. It is still a bit unclear what role Annemarie will fall into, but she has money and is close with Kyle Richards. Fans will have to tune in for the rest of the season to see what sort of impact she makes.

Sai De Silva – RHONY


On my list, Sai De Silva does not rank the highest. During the Real Housewives of New York City, she gave most of her energy to hunting for food during every event. I did like her friendship with Brynn Whitfield, but once they had their fight, it left me thinking Sai may not have that many close friends. I don’t feel that Sai brought that much to the table and rarely opened up as much as her co-stars. 

Ubah Hassan – RHONY

Ubah Hassan/Instagram

Like her hot sauce, Ubah Hassan came in hot to the reboot of the Real Housewives of New York. Much like her tasty condiment, Ubah started off sweet, but by the end of the series, she showed she was not a housewife to be messed with.

The only issue with Ubah was, at times, she jumped to conclusions and came across as a bit immature. However, Ubah represented all single women in the new series as she showed women who are unattached can stand proudly on their own two feet. 

Jennifer Pedranti – RHOC

Jennifer Pedranti/Instagram

What can we say about Jen from RHOC, except she gave Tamra Judge a run for her money? The newbie didn’t sit back and allow herself to be picked on and eventually found her voice amongst the group of catty women. Even though we still have questions about Jen’s semi-toxic relationship, we are hoping she returns for a sophomore year.

Rachel Fuda – RHONJ

Rachel Fuda/Instagram

I really liked watching Rachel Fuda’s storyline about her family on the Real Housewives of New Jersey. She really showed how a blended family could work positively, and she also didn’t insert herself too much in the ladies’ drama. However, some fans found her to take on the villain role, but I just don’t agree. Rachel isn’t afraid to get into the mix with the women, but she knows where to stop from crossing a line. I am looking forward to her return next season.

Erin Dana Lichy – RHONY

Erin Lichy/Instagram

Erin Lichy is the best bad guy in town. The one true New Yorker knew exactly how to stir the pot. At times, Erin came across as a thief of joy, but honestly, that is what makes a new housewife so watchable. Whether she was edited this way or not, Erin’s ability to produce the drama was on point and made for some epic episodes.

 The best thing is Erin doesn’t even get why she is the villain of the reboot, and somehow, this makes watching her all that much more entertaining. Erin has fans hooked into watching each week, mainly due to her delusion. But I am here for it. 

 Jenna Lyons – RHONY

Jenna Lyons/Instagram

Some would argue that Jenna Lyons was a bit boring, but come on, she is “Jenna f*cking Lyons!” She is an enigma that needs to be peeled and given a chance. By far, Jenna was the newest housewife who had no problem opening up about her past and present issues. It was a point of contention that the former executive creative director of  J.Crew was cast, with many wondering if they wanted to even see behind the curtain. But Jenna’s ability to be vulnerable really made the series. 

Not only did she open up about her rare genetic disorder, which probably helped thousands, but she also spoke about her relationship with her mother and her inability to understand how to bond with the women. Jenna has hinted she may be a one-hit wonder, but I do hope she does a sophomore season. 

​​Angie Katsanevas – RHOSLC

Angie Katsanevas/Instagram

This Greek Goddess is riling multiple cast members up on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. Between calling out Meredith Marks, pissing off Lisa Barlow, and trying to skate by rumors regarding her husband, Angie Katsanevas has been a great addition. Some fans feel she is trying too hard to create a storyline, but I quite enjoy watching her and feel that Angie is genuine in her feelings during every episode. 

Danielle Cabral – RHONJ


Firstly, I am going to say it: as a Jersey girl, I did not want an implant from Long Island, who once starred on MTV’s True Life. However, it can’t be denied that Danielle Cabral added fire to the series, which had predominately been based around Teresa Giudice.

The mother of two added comedy to the cast, but she definitely bites off more than she can chew, which again makes her a perfect rookie. It also helps that Danielle is now well aware she took the wrong side when it came to choosing team Teresa and Jennifer Aydin, so RHONJ Season 14 should be eye-opening for the Bravo star. 

Jessel Taank – RHONY

Jessel Taank/Instagram

Two words that made Jessel Taank legendary: Secret list. Real Housewives of New York City fans were stunned when Jessel revealed she wasn’t as forgiving as many thought. The mother of two had an ongoing Notes list on her iPhone of everything Erin had done wrong to her. Along with Jessel’s clear New York connections and sarcastic delivery, she had to come in the top three on our list. 

Brynn Whitfield – RHONY

Brynn Whitfield/Instagram

Brynn Whitfield is a lot, and that is okay. I am here for it. The sassy single lady knew when to hold ‘em, and she knew when to fold ‘em. Some fans may have found her hyper-sexual schtick too much, but the personality trait added to the chaos of the reboot. All in all, Brynn is harmless, but I wouldn’t mind seeing her stir things up again next season. Maybe, just her luck with Abe Lichy again? 

Monica Garcia – RHOSLC

Monica Garcia/Instagram

The newest Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star is making waves, granting her the number-one spot on our list. Monica Garcia is feisty; she is an adulterer, and she doesn’t want Lisa’s friendship. She is everything we have been missing out on in Utah, and honestly, it has me thinking, thank God Jen Shah is dethroned.

Monica is everything a Mormon housewife isn’t; she has a scandalous past with infidelity, is seemingly the least wealthy, is going through a separation, and ushering in a slightly more hectic and ‘no holds barred’ kind of conflict. All I can say is bring it on!