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Meredith Marks Says Reunion Showdown Between Monica Garcia and Heather Gay Is ‘Explosive’

Real Housewives newcomer Monica Garcia is certainly making her mark on her first season of Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. The mother-of-four joined the cast and was noted as Jen Shah’s former friend or assistant or….something. Whatever her association with Jen was, she’s kept it intentionally vague.

But her connection to Jen hasn’t been the source of the drama. It’s her fighting with pretty much the entire cast. One exception was Heather Gay, who seemed to genuinely want to get to know Monica. At least on screen, she did. But off-screen, the two have been going at it legally for months now.

“It was crazy”

Castmate Meredith Marks recently spoke with Page Six to tease how this impacted the recently filmed RHOSLC reunion. When it came to Heather and Monica’s fight, Meredith stated, “Explosive would probably be the first word I would use.”

She added, “It was definitely a lot,” she adds. “It was crazy.”

The legal battle in question is over Monica allegedly failing to pay Heather’s business, Beauty Lab + Laser, for services rendered. According to Monica in her counterclaim, BLL gave her “botched” injections that were“negligently given” and “did not have the intended, promised result.”

Meredith called Monica’s suit a “tactic” to get out of payment. She added, “If I had to guess, I would say that Monica’s lawyer said, ‘OK, you countersue.’ I don’t even know that there was much more to it than that. It’s a very kind of typical move when you’re sued to file a countersuit to try to scare the person off or whatever.” 

Who was in the hot seat

But back to the reunion mess. Meredith revealed that both Heather and Monica were in the “hot seat.” She went on, “I think Heather had a lot to answer for as well and really had her feet held to the fire, for sure. And Monica, too.” 

Meredith also shared that Heather and Monica weren’t the only ones getting into it. “There was a lot of just explosive behavior in general.”

She laughed, “I’ve never seen Andy [Cohen] quite as irritated as he was with us that day. It was a lot of him losing it, you know? Nothing too crazy, but he definitely got a little upset a few times — several times.”

Despite how wild it was, Meredith asserts that the outcome will please fans looking for answers. “Everyone sat and dealt with their stuff. Everyone really did. It’s one thing I will say. Whether you liked the answers you got or not, you got answers,” she concluded.

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