(Photo by: Heidi Gutman/Bravo via Getty Images)

Gary King ‘Trying to Stay’ on TV After Sexual Misconduct Allegations

Gary King has been Captain Glenn Shephard’s first mate on Below Deck Sailing Yacht but it’s safe to say Gary doesn’t treat everyone aboard equally. While the show centers itself on drunken antics and relationships of the crew, “the crew” was kept to those who worked on the boat and not those who were filming the boat.

That was until an incident with Gary. Allegedly. In August, a female member of the production crew accused Gary of not understanding the word “no.” She also claimed Gary continued unwanted advances and eventually forced himself on her during Season 4 (2022). As a result, Gary was uninvited from BravoCon and his future on the show looked extremely questionable.

Does Gary not remember the sexual misconduct allegations?

Perhaps Gar has a case of temporary amnesia, either that or he’s completely delusional. Even though he was clocked for his attitude and bounced from BravoCon, he’s really “trying to stay” on television.

On a completely clueless Instagram post, Gary with the short-term memory shared a photo of himself and answered questions from followers. When a fan told him there is “a life after” Below Deck, Gary doesn’t appear to want that life. Women also don’t want to be touched after they’ve said no. So I guess we all want things.

Gary responded, “I hope so, will have to see but will definitely be trying to stay on peoples tv screens.” Not for nothing, I think the Bravo audience has enough to deal with. We’ll be okay without Gary and his alleged penchant for abusing personal space.

So in August of this year, Samantha Suarez, who worked with production and assisted the talent manager at Below Deck, revealed Gary went too far with her several times. Allegedly. She also confessed Gary had allegedly attempted to force himself on her while in Sardinia during Season 4.

At the time Samantha was supposed to keep the cast sequestered in their hotel rooms, but due to the amount of booze, it was a no-go. “There is no limit to alcohol consumption whatsoever, which I think poses a really big problem,” she said.

Samantha’s last straw

Gary apparently asked Samantha to get into bed with him – she declined. Then Gary allegedly “grabbed her and pressed her against his body, and refused to let go of her even though she says she tried to kick and elbow him.” A short time later, Gary was dropped from BravoCon.

Cast member Daisy Kelliher did not comment on the situation but Gary is receiving support from his co-stars and Glenn. He also denies any wrongdoing. He said, “I know [that I did nothing wrong], and I know the truth but it still hurts when people will tell lies to bring you down.”

51 Minds, who produces Below Deck released a statement:

“With any complaint filed, a timely investigation is launched and, based on the findings, appropriate actions are implemented to ensure the safety of our cast and crew, up to and including termination, with regard to the incident reported by Ms. Suarez involving Mr. King, the case was investigated and reviewed as soon as it was submitted, and production acted accordingly based on the results.”

With that, no means no – every single time.