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Kathy Hilton Says It’s up to Sister Kyle Richards if She Returns to RHOBH

Kathy Hilton has been doing a lot of talking and she’s saying some interesting things. Now that Kathy and Kyle Richards have repaired their sisterly bond (for now), could things become hunky dory again on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills?

I personally think Kath has a plan amid Kyle and Mauricio Umansky’s marriage issues. While Kyle and Mo are reportedly getting along and spending the holidays together, Kathy is already searching for a new man to take his place. She could certainly further any influence over the matter if she were filming with her sissy – but according to Kathy, her return is completely in Kyle’s hands. The Messenger has the details.

Kyle calling the shots?

It looks like for what might be the first time, Kyle is in the driver’s seat. Big Sis has been very public about saying she’d like to come back to RHOBH and even called it “the best times.” I’m guessing Kathy is referring to any time that took place outside of Aspen, Colorado.

After wrapping up a show with her daughter, now she wants to revisit the Bravo life. For some reason, Kathy believes Kyle is in charge of hiring. “I’ve just finished Season 2 [of Paris in Love], and I think that’s up to Kyle,” she began.

Once again Kath throws out the bone, “And if it’s organic and it works out. I never say no. Never say never.” What’s even crazier is Lisa Rinna decided to end her feud with Kathy and sent her a bunch of flowers as a suck-up gift. I’m guessing Kathy is still waiting for roses from Erika Jayne.

But at least Kathy and Kyle are getting along and healing that family bond is important. Well, healing the bond and getting rid of the guy who left your husband’s real estate business.

Despite the siblings’ reconciliation, constant companionship can certainly become toxic. In Season 12 Kyle said, “Once Kathy is mad, it’s hard to turn that around. Listen, Kathy can be so much fun and funny. She can also be very difficult. The part that bothers me so much is how much I let it affect me. That’s where it’s different with friends versus sisters.”

Welp, if it’s “up to Kyle” that kind of puts the OG between a rock and a hard place. She might not necessarily want Kathy back but she also knows if she says “no” she will pay for it. Good luck, Kyle!

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