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Alexis Bellino ‘Disappointed’ in Vicki Gunvalson for ‘Quick Cash Grab’ Article Trashing Her

Alexis Bellino is certainly making waves right now. Real Housewives of Orange County might have a revisit from Alexis in Season 18 and it’s driving people up the wall. While Alexis does very little, she receives a big reaction.

She was already on Shannon Beador’s hit list for some reason. But now Alexis has a target on her back after revealing her new man is Shan’s old one. Vicki Gunvalson is also upset because she’s apparently been passed over to rejoin the show. Pouring salt in her wound would be Lex getting her orange back. Fortunately for Vicki, she seems to have more than one reason to aim at Alexis.

Vick feels some type of way about Alexis dating John Janssen and is letting her feelings be known – but is she doing it for a check? Yes, yes she is.

Vicki must need to supplement her income …

One thing Victoria Gunvalson will do is make money. She’s a workhorse and it’s one of the few admirable traits she has going for her. These days, it looks like she’s trading in some dignity for a check.

Recently Vicki posted on Twitter and wrote, “As promised, I am NOT HOLDING MY TONGUE in my thoughts on Alexis DATING Shannon’s ex. I am DISGUSTED and TELLING ALL.” The truth is she’s not saying a damn thing because it was a clickbait post for a media outlet.

Alexis saw Vick’s post and shared her thoughts on an Instagram Story. “Very disappointing to see this from someone I considered a friend,” she shared. I’m sure it was disheartening to see Vicki the Good Christian acting this way, but also, it’s Vicki.

Who is this new Alexis?

Thankfully Alexis’ hiatus from the show has afforded her the ability to learn the art of snark. “I know things can’t be so bad at Coto Insurance that you resort to grab quick cash from a clickbait article trashing me,” she added.

Alexis also wants folks to know “there are two sides to every story” and advised Vick that “100% of [her] assumptions are totally false.” She also wished Vicki “Happy Holidays,” which was the cherry on top.

So not only has Alexis upset Shannon by merely existing and hanging out with her ex – but Vicki is also annoyed by Alexis. Now people who have been irritated by Shannon and Vicki over the years have hope.

At this time Alexis hasn’t revealed if she’s coming back to RHOC but Vicki has not received a contract.

Real Housewives of Orange County will return with Season 18 and hopefully Alexis’ new snarky ways in 2024 on Bravo.