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Melissa Gorga Teases ‘Good’ RHONJ Season 14: ‘Amazing’ To Move On

It’s become clear over the years that The Real Housewives of New Jersey can basically be summed up as “Melissa Gorga vs. Teresa Giudice.” The sisters-in-law have beefed over the big and small, ranging from sprinkle cookies all the way up to infidelity accusations.

Season 13 of the show made it evident that the tumultuous relationship was likely irretrievably broken. Now, Melissa’s gleefully waving goodbye to Teresa. And, now that RHONJ Season 14 is on the horizon, she’s not being shy about it or walking on eggshells anymore.

Melissa Gorga: RHONJ Season 14 is “very different”

At the premiere of the movie Anyone But You on Monday night, Melissa spoke with Page Six. She expressed how “amazing” it feels to finally be done with her RHONJ nemesis.

Melissa’s married to Teresa’s brother, Joe Gorga, and the two seem to be on the same page as Teresa when it comes to not reconciling. Melissa asserted that “The feeling is mutual.” Joe added, “I mean, whatever she wants. It’s her wish.”

Melissa coyly hinted that her newfound boundaries with Teresa might be why Season 14 will be “very different.”

“It was a very different season … all the friendships are different, it’s just very, very different. I actually enjoyed this season a lot,” she explained.

Melissa stays away from Teresa in RHONJ Season 14

Teresa Giudice
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The trio of Melissa, Joe, and Teresa has had a long-standing rollercoaster relationship, and now it seems they permanently aren’t on speaking terms.

The drama escalated when Teresa allegedly accused Melissa of cheating on Joe, leading to the Gorgas skipping Teresa and Luis Ruelas’ wedding last year. The explosive feud continued during the Season 13 RHONJ reunion in June, with Teresa accusing her brother and sister-in-law of dragging her “through the mud for 10 years” and labeling Melissa a “gaslighting bitch.”

Even Teresa’s ex-husband, Joe Giudice, joined the circus. He accused the Gorgas of being FBI informants, landing both him and Teresa in jail and then him deported to Italy. According to Joe, “When they came on the show, they were very good friends with my ex-partner’s attorneys, which went to the feds, which I think Melissa and Joe were involved.”

Teresa faced boos at BravoCon earlier this year, after shutting down any possibility of reconciliation with her only sibling. She declared, “Sorry. That chapter’s closed with my brother, unfortunately. It really is.”

As we eagerly await RHONJ Season 14, it seems like the only thing more unpredictable than what will set Teresa off next is the degree of hatred the Gorga-Giudice family will have for each other at any given moment. But, at least Melissa can enjoy her cookies in peace!

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is expected to return to Bravo in 2024.