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Brandi Glanville Hints at Illegal Activity Filming RHUGT Morocco: ‘Time To Fight Back’

Brandi Glanville was back on Twitter over the weekend because she believes it’s “time to fight back.” She’s been “fighting” since being accused of inappropriately touching Caroline Manzo during filming of Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Morocco.

The location was gorgeous, but the drama has proved somewhat devastating for Brandi and Bravo. While there is no video of the incident, there is audio, and several cast members back up Brandi’s side of the event. That said, Brandi has been treated like a pariah by Bravo even though an investigation via the production company found no damning evidence.

Last Friday, Collider ran an article on why we probably won’t be seeing RHUGT: Morocco and it seems to have triggered Brandi. She hopped on social media to defend herself, but silence might be a better option for her at this point. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills alum started on Saturday and finally stopped last night.

“Character Assassination”

Brandi begins by showing her displeasure with the contents of the Collider article. “This is character assassination. I am fucking innocent Producer told Marco to dance. JP they had pretty sure told me to rip his shirt off. That is the only time I had interaction with Marco I was doing what I was told.” I assume “JP” is the producer in this scenario.

Right, so Marco Vega was the butler at Blue Stone Manor during Season 2 of RHUGT. He currently has a lawsuit against Bravo, but not Brandi, because he believes the network encourages bad behavior and he had his shirt ripped off by … Brandi. Also, there’s a big difference between “encouraging bad behavior” and “forcing someone to drink.”

According to Brandi, production told her to go after Marco’s shirt, so she did. In another post, she wrote, “I am completely innocent, the producers ask you to do something. And then you get in trouble for it!!!! The producers need to follow the rules!” The lack of accountability from Brandi is mildly concerning because the simple fact is, no one holds your mouth open and demands you imbibe booze. Additionally, producers are supposed to suggest things but the cast certainly aren’t being held hostage until demands are met.

The Collider piece further suggests fans won’t see RHUGT 4 primarily because of Brandi’s ALLEGED actions and Marco’s existing lawsuit.

She’s not done yet …

Then the mom of two decides to address the poor butler assigned to the Morocco cast. “Our butler in Morocco was told to flirt with me specifically, I asked him if he had a girlfriend he said yes, and I told him not to do it, and I did not participate. He was lovely I didn’t want his life ruined,” Brandi added. His life will probably be fine seeing as the episodes will never be viewed, but I digress.

We’ve now moved on to Brandi sharing ALLEGED screenshots from a producer which I guess she thinks helps her case. “Producers may not shove the alcohol down our throats, but they sure do encourage it even in Morocco during the day where it’s illegal to drink!” Also, I’m not sure who’s going to tell Brandi, but it is not illegal to drink alcohol in Morocco during the day.

Brandi continued in ANOTHER post and wrote, “I’m not going down, just because people see me as an easy pyle [sic] on at the moment. All of the other women vouch for me! It’s interesting to see who Marcos’ lawyer is!!! Check it out these producers need to be held accountable.” See what I mean when I said she should have stayed silent. This is in no way helpful. Also, Marcos’ lawyer is the same one Caroline Manzo used, so that’s interesting.

Ten minutes after that post, another one came along. “And even though I may like some of these producers, I’m not taking them off for them and this is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s time to fight back. The truth always comes out,” Brandi shared. As you can see, this situation is not improving. We’re all still waiting for “the truth.”

She stopped – finally

Finally and thankfully, Brandi ended her rant last evening. Her closing post on the matter was basically nonsensical. “It is completely illegal to walk around a spice market and the shopping areas in Morocco with water bottles filled with vodka. There are designated places that you are allowed to drink and it’s mostly at night.” Um. You are allowed to drink at any bar or restaurant in Morocco regardless of the time, FYI. As far as open containers and drinking, you can barely do that in the United States.

While the fate of RHUGT 4 remains sketchy, it might be time to start wrapping our heads around it being the Lost Season. We might never know what really happened in that bathroom, and I blame everyone for taking away our chance to see Alex McCord again.

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy is currently airing on Peacock.