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Dorinda Medley Has Plans To Sell Blue Stone Manor

Dorinda Medley, please don’t make any hasty decisions. Friends, it appears the former star of Real Housewives of New York as well as Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip might be leaving us soon. No, I’m not talking about Dorinda – I’m talking about Blue Stone Manor.

Originally named by Carole Radziwill, Dorinda’s home away from home has been featured on both RHONY and RHUGT. Fans were introduced to the RHONY alum’s Berkshires palace back in Season 7 when Dorinda joined the show. The rest is history but according to Dorinda, the property might become history in the near future. People has the scoop.

Say it isn’t so!

Arguably the only inanimate object that should be granted a show credit, Dorinda’s grand home up north became ground zero for some of the most iconic moments that graced the original RHONY. Blue Stone Manor is where Dorinda made it nice. It’s where Bethenny Frankel wanted Ramona Singer to mention it all. And how could we ever forget Ramona’s high-end manners when she allowed her dog to shit all over Dorinda’s rug without a care in the world.

And oh my god, THE MORGAN LETTERS. So many memories but Dorinda might be ready to let her go. According to the Lady of the Manor, she never thought she would have the home for a long time. “I never thought I would keep Blue Stone Manor for as long as I did,” Dorinda began.

“After [my late husband] Richard passed, I was convinced I was going to sell it. My mother said, ‘Wait a year! Don’t do anything when you’re in this state.’ So I really thought I’d get rid of it, because for me, Blue Stone Manor was something I bought with Richard and a place for Richard to retire to. I never thought I’d live here alone. I just didn’t see a place for it in my day-to-day after his death,” she added.

While Richard has been gone for a while now, BSM remains, almost like a close friend. The house has “taken on this incredible life now, 11 years later since Richard has not been with us, has been a real blessing.” It’s really been a blessing for all of us because we will never forget Luann de Lesseps’ utter disdain at being assigned the Fish Room.

As iconic as the owner

Dorinda continued, ”I mean, Architectural Digest just named it as one of ’12 houses as iconic as their famous owners’ — which I was really floored by — and we sold out tickets for fans to come visit it in just 3 minutes. The Bravo viewers have really just embraced it thanks to RHONY and RHUGT. It really is the ‘Disneyland of Housewives.’”

When the time is right, Dorina will pull the trigger and let the house go.

“I’m not someone who is going to hold on to anything too long. I believe in transitions, I believe in pivots and I believe we are not our possessions,” she added.

“And you realize that [my daughter] Hannah loves it, but she doesn’t come up that much. And with my parents getting older, I say to myself, ‘Do I see myself being 70, walking around 18 acres and 11,000 square feet?’ It’s a lot. I love it, but it’s a lot to keep the house the way I want to keep it, so I don’t see myself there forever.” Just don’t count Dorinda out in the real estate department. “I might just see myself on the beach one day in a condo. Doesn’t that sound easier?”

Would Dorinda really say good-bye to Blue Stone?

It remains to be seen if she’ll sell – but Dorinda has certainly gotten her money’s worth out of the property’s popularity. “But you can never say that I didn’t get everything out of that house and do it proud. I mean, I’ve got Blue Stone Manor bourbon, Blue Stone Manor maple syrup, Blue Stone Manor merchandise, now events — so I’ve really done it all,” Dorinda noted.

Obviously Andy Cohen needs to buy Blue Stone Manor, we need to keep it in the family.

Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy is currently airing on Peacock.