Abe and Erin Lichy
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RHONY’s Erin Lichy and Husband Abe Dragged to Court Over Unpaid Rent

It seems that Erin Lichy’s caught up in some legal drama. She had a hard time in the court of public opinion after she and Sai De Silva ganged up on Jessel Taank during Season 14 of The Real Housewives of New York City. It didn’t help that after gossiping on camera about Jenna Lyons’ proclivity for flying first class, Erin later flew first class off-camera. She also committed the mortal sin of going BAREFOOT on the plane (allegedly). Ew!

Now, she and her husband, Abe Lichy, will have some drama in an actual court. A landlord is alleging that the Lichys owe a substantial amount of unpaid rent and accrued interest for their former NYC loft.

TMZ obtained the legal docs. Read on for all the details.

The landlord says Erin and Abe owe a five-figure debt

Erin and Abe Lichy
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Legal docs reveal that Erin and Abe owe a total of $43,950 in unpaid rent. According to the landlord, the couple had been leasing the two-story NYC apartment since July 2019. However, the landlord claims that between October 2021 and July 2023, Erin and Abe consistently failed to fulfill the financial obligations of their lease. This resulted in a huge outstanding balance.

The landlord says that the agreed-upon terms of their lease required the couple to pay a monthly rent of $13,500, due on the first of each month. However, they allegedly often paid late, ignored late fees, bounced checks, and, at times, skipped out on paying rent altogether.

In all, the landlord is pursuing the Lichys for the unpaid rent of $43,950 along with additional interest. On top of that, the landlord wants an additional $12,900 to cover the legal fees.

It was revealed that Erin and Abe withheld two-months’ rent as a result of a previously agreed-upon abatement due to persistent issues. Those issues included rodent problems, unsanitary conditions, and a malfunctioning elevator that persisted for several months.

Erin and Abe say a recommendation letter the landlord wrote for them proves otherwise

Erin Lichy
Photo Credit: @erindanalichy via Instagram

Erin and Abe expressed astonishment at the lawsuit. They shared a glowing letter of recommendation with TMZ that the landlord reportedly wrote for them when they moved out. Their rep says the letter paints the Lichys as perfect tenants who voluntarily left on good terms.

The rep thinks the suit’s baseless, saying the letter “furthers that the Lichys were exemplary tenants and left on excellent standing of their own volition. This lawsuit has no grounds and is just an example of someone trying to get their five minutes at someone else’s expense.”

Erin’s a real estate agent and Abe’s a lawyer, so it’s a weird problem for them to have. At least Erin and Sai have something else to bond over; Sai once had unpaid rent drama too!

You can stream past episodes of RHONY on Peacock, and Season 15 will likely premiere later in 2024.