Peter Thomas and Cynthia Bailey
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Cynthia Bailey’s Ex-Husband Peter Thomas Arrested for DUI

Former Real Housewives of Atlanta star Peter Thomas is in hot water after being arrested for a DUI. Cynthia Bailey’s ex-husband was taken into custody at around 2 p.m. ET on Tuesday, January 9, around 40 minutes after the incident in the Atlanta area. He was later released, facing multiple charges, with bail set just under $3,000.

The Cobb County Court’s website outlines Peter’s release conditions. He is to abstain from alcohol, marijuana, and other cannabis products or drugs; restrictions imposed as part of his release by Judge Che Karega II. Peter must also submit to random alcohol and drug tests, and is prohibited from owning any firearms. If he plans to change his residency, Peter must notify the court seven days in advance.

Details surrounding the arrest have not been made public, and Peter is yet to make any sort of public statement.

Peter Thomas DUI is latest in long list of trouble

Peter Thomas
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Peter is no stranger to the legal system. He was arrested in Miami back in 2019 for fraud, accused of writing fake checks. At the time, he maintained his innocence. His attorney, Keith Doley, then claimed it was all “an unfortunate misunderstanding.” He continued: “There was no intent on Mr. Thomas part to not pay. There was a misunderstanding about a performance that didn’t happen. It’s all been resolved.” Charges were dropped when a $4,000 check was delivered on Peter’s behalf.

In 2021, the mother of someone employed by Peter reached out to a gossip blog. They claimed that Peter’s bank accounts had been frozen, and that checks to the employee and others had bounced. For his part, Peter called the claims “nothing but trash,” and referred to his accusers as “worthless devils.” It’s unclear how this incident ended.

Then, to round out 2023, Peter was dropped by an attorney while facing down an eviction battle for his restaurant, Bar One Miami. These troubles began in 2022, when Bentley Bay Retail, Peter’s landlord, filed a lawsuit against Peter. It alleged he owed $422,000 in back rent, sales tax, and utility charges. No updates on this particular battle just yet, but it’s not looking good.

Still, after all of this, it’s the DUI that pisses me off the most. If guilty, he put other lives at danger for no good reason. Maybe he can look to Shannon Beador on ways to rehab your image post-DUI. She seems to be gaining a lot of love across social media, despite arguably being undeserving of keeping her job on Real Housewives of Orange County.