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Tamra Judge Defends Alexis Bellino and John Janssen’s Relationship

I love that Tamra Judge branched out to include her own friends with the people she fights with. It makes the news about Real Housewives of Orange County much more interesting than Tammy Sue just randomly yelling at Jennifer Pedranti for no reason.

Right now Tamra is fighting with Shannon Beador and filming for Season 18 has begun. They are starting off with fireworks but it might turn into a full explosion if Alexis Bellino joins the cast. Also, Alexis, we need to hear your decision … Now Tamra is going the extra mile in her feud with Shan by co-signing Alexis’ relationship with John Janssen. Out of the gate we’re fussing and fighting on RHOC.

This has to mean Alexis is coming back, right?

Okay so the Tres Amigas are no more, for now. Inevitably, once the goal has been achieved, Tamra will reconcile with Shannon and Vicki Gunvalson. Right now we don’t know what the “goal” is, but it could be high ratings.

Tammy Sue was slammed for how she acted her first season back on the job. And Tamra knows she needs to switch it up at this point to keep her orange. This might be why Alexis is getting to see the kinder side of Tamra, also for now.

In an effort to make Shannon’s already no good bad day even worse, she’s giving the green light to Alexis’ situationship with Shannon’s ex-boyfriend. According to Entertainment Tonight, Tamra is okay with Alexis and John because no girl code has been violated.

“There’s no girl code [violation]” on Alexis’ part. They don’t know each other. They didn’t work together,” Tamra said. Also, even if John is a douchebag, he’s allowed to date whomever he wants and so is Alexis. Here’s what, Shannon was going to be mad regardless of who John dated and Newport Beach isn’t huge.

Additionally, Tamra believes there was no strategy in getting together with John. Look, Alexis was already on her way back. She was invited to BravoCon and was showing up at parties with Bravolebs before John started sniffing around.

Tamra continued, “I actually was on my podcast and I said, ‘Listen, they ran … into each other.’ Like, just because someone takes a picture together doesn’t mean they’re dating. And so, about a … week went by and [Alexis] called me and she goes, ‘Thank you so much for sticking up for me, that’s exactly what it is. We took a picture together.’”

Romance blossomed, but that isn’t Tamra’s fault

When a photo turned into romance, no one was more surprised than Tammy Sue. “We started seeing more pictures and [Alexis] called me and said, ‘We’re dating now…’ and I was floored. I had no idea.”

Tamra was asked if she would ever get back with the Tres Amigas and her answer was not at all shocking and moderately predictable. “Listen, I never say never.” Uh-huh, sure, Jan. This whole “fight” might be for content, but RHOC desperately needs it, so let’s go.

Season 18 of Real Housewives of Orange County is currently filming.

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