Vanderpump Rules Stars’ Dumbest Moments

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What makes Vanderpump Rules stars so entertaining are their unbelievably messy antics and outrageously dumb decisions. Ask any Pump Rules fan for their favorite quote, and it’ll likely be a hilariously wrong mix up, or a mind boggling blonde moment. Drama may be the show’s bread and butter. But these moments remind us that VPR at it’s best is a hilarious comedy akin to Dumb and Dumber.

Jax Taylor’s Gandhi Mix Up


Love him or hate him, Jax Taylor gave us so many hilarious, quotable, and very dumb VPR moments. Who else would boast that they’re just like Mahatma Gandhi, and then reveal they think Gandhi was famous for predicting the future? Jax, if you’re reading this, that was Nostradamus. Only a Vanderpump Rules cast member could be so confident about such a dumb mix up.

Tom Sandoval’s “Cyst Male” Rant


Tom Sandoval‘s viral Season 9 rant would already make a list of dumbest Vanderpump Rules moments for how obnoxiously wrong it was. But what makes it even better is that Sandoval thinks the term for “cis male” is “cyst male.” He also conflates being cisgender with being straight, so maybe hold off on the speeches about gender and sexuality, buddy. Ariana Madix was right to roll her eyes, and to call it the rant of a men’s rights activist.

Rachel Leviss, the Bambi-Eyed Deer In Headlights


Whether it was ordering “the cheeseburger with the cheese” or not knowing who Charles Manson was, Rachel Leviss had many ditzy moments. Remember how Katie Maloney had to teach her not to put aluminum in the microwave? Rachel accusing Andy Cohen of violating HIPAA shows she still has a lot to learn.

Our personal favorite moment was this hilariously painful exchange with Lisa Vanderpump. We can’t help but wonder if anyone ever told Rachel what Lisa meant. Or does she still think the pope famously drinks rosé on his baloney?

That being said, it’s still not okay how many times Rachel’s co-stars, including her ex James Kennedy, screamed that she was stupid. As you can see from this list, the VPR cast isn’t exactly packed with MENSA members.

Stassi Schroeder’s Podcast Blunder

Watch What Happens Live/YouTube

In the early days of her podcast, Stassi Schroeder got backlash for ignorant comments about #OscarsSoWhite. But the former Vanderpump Rules star’s dumbest moment was her guest appearance on another show. Stassi openly bragged about calling the cops on Faith Stowers. Of course, this dumb move eventually came back to bite her.

Tom Schwartz Bathing In A River Before His Wedding

Tom Schwartz Vanderpump Rules

Most of the time, Tom Schwartz just plays dumb to avoid taking responsibility for his actions. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t have some of VPR’s dumbest moments. Bathing in a dirty river wasn’t the only thing that cursed Schwartz and Katie Maloney’s marriage. For instance, Schwartz giving Katie the infamous ring on a string could also easily make this list. But it surely didn’t help.

Brittany Cartwright Learns Big Words

Brittany Cartwright
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Before Rachel, Brittany Cartwright was SUR’s resident babe in the woods (or should we say the valley?). When Ariana ranted about Jax’s misogynistic tendencies, a confused Brittany asked if misogynistic meant he gives massages.

Brittany also smiled and nodded along when Stassi told her about Jax’s sociopath test. The Kentucky native later admitted she didn’t know what sociopath meant, mispronouncing the word for good measure. Maybe Brittany and Jax are perfect for each other after all.

Jax “Hashtag Me Too”


We could make a whole list just of Jax misusing or messing up famous phrases. But this one sticks with us for obvious reasons.

Lala Kent’s Flubbed Film History

Lala Kent/Instagram

We’ve seen it before—when a movie, like Gotti, is disastrously received, the excuses start flying. But Lala Kent should’ve brushed up on some film history before she attempted to defend Randall Emmett‘s movie. Lala’s assertion that critics have it out for movies about the mafia was hilariously shut down by Lisa. Scarface, The Godfather, Goodfellas, Casino, The Untouchables, a little show called The Sopranos…we could go on and on.

Schwartz & Sandy’s and the Dumbest Decisions

Greg Morris Vanderpump Rules
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The name Schwartz & Sandy’s wasn’t a great start. Though, to be fair, all of these establishments have dumb names—don’t forget that SUR stands for Sexy Unique Restaurant. The name was just one of Sandoval and Schwartz’s consistently dumb decisions while opening their second place. Manager Greg was all of us with his dumbfounded reactions.