Why Annemarie Will Probably Regret Becoming a Housewife

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Annemarie Wiley didn’t nail her first season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Turns out, she’s just not that likeable. In fact, it took six long episodes before this series even showed us a glimpse of Annemarie, and when they finally introduced her, she appeared as a friend of Kyle Richards. From what we’ve seen so far, Annemarie is Kyle’s new lapdog, which, ugh. At this point, Annemarie isn’t winning any fans. From the viewers, to other Real Housewives across this franchise, to even the ladies right at her own front door on the cast of RHOBH, she just isn’t hitting. Therefore, we think that Annemarie is probably going to regret her time spent on Bravo.

Annemarie Is Now a Known Name, Thanks to RHOBH

Annemarie Wiley/Instagram

Prior to joining this cast, Annemarie wasn’t exactly a household name. Sure, her husband Marcellus Wiley was a professional football player. Therefore, her name likely rang a few bells with those in the know. Yet, it was her diamond-holding entrance on RHOBH that truly thrust her likeness out there, making her known.

Now that she is a cast member, her storylines and her spoken statements are being clocked left and right. Her name and her reach are much broader now, which for her, isn’t great. Meaning, with fame comes criticism, and when we last checked, the trolls on Annemarie’s social media pages were activated. For these reasons, we think that she is likely regretting ever signing up for this highly watched series.

Annemarie’s Interactions With Sutton Activated Many

Real Housewives Beverly Hills/Instagram

Sutton Stracke has a narrow esophagus, which means that eating can often be hard, as the risk of choking is fairly high. Enter in Annemarie, who repeatedly questioned Sutton’s claims on-air. As for why Annemarie felt qualified to dole out her unsolicited medical advice and opinions, well, she had prior insinuated to her co-stars that she had gone to medical school.

Crystal Kung Minkoff pointed this out, claiming that Annemarie had introduced herself as a doctor when the two first met. Spoiler alert, Annemarie is not a doctor.

“I am a CRNA, a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist,” she wrote on her since-expired Instagram Stories. “I am extremely proud of my profession and I will not be accused of title misappropriation because a cast mate needed a storyline on a reality tv show. This is my real life and my career,” she ended, clearly feeling the need to address the negative feedback that she has since received.

The haters are hating, and we can’t blame them. It was in poor taste for Annemarie to gaslight Sutton’s medical issues on national television. It seems like perhaps the producers agree, as Annemarie’s camera time is quite small. This also could be because her husband is facing sexual assault allegations, but even on this, now everyone knows their business all the more, which makes us think that Annemarie is likely kicking herself for ever agreeing to star on RHOBH.

Annemarie’s Social Reputation Might Take a Hit


Annemarie should have never come for Sutton. Thankfully, Garcelle Beauvais and Crystal are now questioning her statements. When Annemarie tried to gossip to them about Sutton, she weirdly implied that Sutton’s issues were similar to someone with an eating disorder. As Crystal has openly discussed her own negative relationship with food, she asked for clarification on what Annemarie was implying.

At this, Annemarie became frustrated, saying “those were Crystal’s words not mine.” When Crystal reminded her that she had in fact used the term eating disorder, Annemarie said “No I didn’t.” Thankfully, the camera’s rolled back, and yes Annemarie, you sure did.

From flippantly discussing someone’s medical issues, to speaking lightly on eating disorders, Annemarie isn’t making a great name for herself. In this industry, your name can be all that you have. If Annemarie keeps this up, she could see the people in her social circle shrinking away. As many viewers and a handful of cast members are already showing signs of this, it’s highly likely that Annemarie is now second guessing her Real Housewives role.

Annemarie Could Now Face Troubles in Her Career


Uh Oh. Dr. Tiffany Moon and Dr. Nicole Martin, both Real Housewives with medical backgrounds, have weighed in on Annemarie’s conversations with Sutton. Basically, they both stated that Annemarie overstepped. Now, the American Society of Anesthesiologists has also entered the chat, equally perturbed about Annemarie’s aired medical statements.

The ASA released a statement saying, “The Real Housewives know a fake … Anesthesiologists are medical doctors with more than 12 years of higher education and up to 16,000 hours of clinical training. Title misappropriation has no place in health care.”

Yikes. Annemarie has an entire industry up in arms, which doesn’t bode well for her career off-air. In response to the ASA’s statement though, she is still refusing to back down. “I do not condone the ASA’s defamation campaign,” she exclaimed in her stories.

Honestly, the casting of Annemarie was a big mistake, as she hasn’t brought us any fun scenes, just drama that feels super gross. She has to feel this way as well, right? Surely, Annemarie regrets ever agreeing to put it all out there as a Real Housewives star.