Erika Jayne Meeting The Victims of Tom’s Embezzlement is Icky

(Photo by Nicole Weingart/Bravo via Getty Images)

Since announcing her divorce from her husband, Tom Girardi, on election day back in November 2020, nothing has gone smoothly for Erika Jayne. Just hours after the news broke, a lawsuit was filed claiming that the divorce was just a distraction from the allegations that Tom Girardi embezzled money from the widows and orphans of victims of the Lion Air Flight 610 crash. 

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star has not been named in any federal suits. However, she has had a few civil battles, one of which recently ended. The plaintiffs sued Erika for aiding and abetting Tom in the alleged fraud. But ultimately, the judge determined she did not know about the alleged crimes. As a result, she got to keep the infamous $750,000 earrings. Now, in The Housewife and the Hustler 2: The Reckoning, Erika is poised to meet some of her husband’s victims. However, all I can think of is how gross this all feels

Erika Once Stated She Was The Victim

Erika Jayne/Instagram

Life is going pretty okay for Erika, who even has been able to hire her full glam squad back, so I am not sure why she would have agreed to meet any of the victims because this isn’t going to go well for her. Her therapist has already told her she needs to learn to empathize, so maybe this meet-up is homework? During RHOBH Season 12, Aspen was not a place for skiing but rather for watching the monster that was Erika grow more and more confident. 

After one too many cocktails, she told the 90210 women, “I don’t give a f*ck about anyone else but me.” Garcelle Beauvais was possibly the harshest critic of Erika. “Erika is just so used to a certain lifestyle that she’s not even putting together that, given the situation with Tom, this is not the time to be talking about these expensive bags or how much money you spent,” Garcelle commented. “This is not a good look.”

You know what else wasn’t a good look? Erika yelling, “Why am I catching the sins of somebody that I divorced? They’re not my victims.”

The Meeting Is Disingenuous


We all know Erika doesn’t give a f*ck about anyone other than herself, so why are we being subjected to a fake meeting? The move feels like a public relations stunt that is not going to go well. Erika walks in humble, confident, noting, “I’m at a loss of what to say.” The promo shows Tom as a master manipulator who even had the audacity to call the Los Angeles Times. 

The victims noted that while it was fine for Erika to play the victim on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, they wanted her to stop being a “c*nt” and just say sorry. Have these people ever watched Erika on the series; they should have known better. When asked why it took her so long to approach any of the victims, she simply replied, “I was never asked to do this. Nobody was really interested in my side of the story.”

My Verdict

Erika Jayne/Instagram

I get why Erika would want to try and clear her reputation, but it’s already been spoiled. According to Variety, Kimberly Archie, Tom’s legal commented, “The meeting occurred because Erika called the victims ‘alleged victims’ on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The victims were really upset about that. They didn’t want money from Erika. They wanted her to stop talking about things that she actually doesn’t know what she’s talking about, especially when it pertains to them and what’s happened to them because of what Tom and the other lawyers at his firm Girardi & Keese did.”

I just don’t think a 2024 redemption tour is the way to go for Erika. She probably should have just concentrated on her Bet It All On Blonde residency instead. The only way this new documentary could be any worse for Erika is if she showed up to the table wearing the diamond earrings. I bet the victim could tell her where to stick them.