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Kyle Richards Hints at Reality TV Exit: ‘Waiting’ for RHOBH ‘To Be Over’

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards seems to be in her reflection era. After thirteen seasons and being one of the only remaining OGs in the Real Housewives franchise, is Kyle ready to call it quits?

Eh, probably not. She does this every year but it’s worthy to note Season 13 wasn’t Kyle’s finest hour. It was a rough go without a sibling on board because she had to fight her own battles and that never goes well with Kathy Hilton’s little sister. Now Kyle talks to Entertainment Tonight about putting herself on permanent pause.

Leaving on a low …

I wonder if Kyle would quit the show so Kathy doesn’t come back? Kath already said she wanted to but apparently the decision was Kyle’s. Now that would be a power move.

Amid drama with Mauricio Umansky and a friendship causing everyone question Kyle’s love life, she might be closing the door on RHOBH. But honestly, she won’t, come on. She’ll be back and Kathy will be with her.

Until contract time, she’s playing coy. “It was not easy shooting this season, and it’s certainly not easy watching it all back and having to relive it all again,” Kyle shared.

Next week is the Season 13 finale and Ky is happy to move on from it. “I’m just sort of waiting for it to be over, to be honest. I feel like I’ve gotten through, like, the hardest parts, but then I have a little break… and then more difficult stuff comes up,” she explained.

Basically the big final episodes will focus on the demise of Kyle’s marriage because Mo does not emotionally fulfill her. There will also be a family discussion with their kids that’s sure to be upsetting.

Right after that throat punch, the reunion will air where Kyle had to answer questions alone until Kathy showed up to run interference. As for present time, Kyle is simply trying to figure things out. See, she’s one of us after all …

“I was honest you know with everybody, I just didn’t want to go into details on camera, which I was still working out the details in my head — and with my therapist,” the OG added.

The struggle was real

“This season, when I was struggling so much personally and I felt like people were coming at me when I really just needed friends and support, I really thought, how can I continue to do this,” Kyle questioned. Um, Kyle needs to call Lisa Vanderpump and apologize. The woman’s brother died from suicide in Season 9 and the cast trashed her, including Kyle. Now when something bad happens to them, they want all of the casseroles.

“Why would I put myself through this? I was already struggling so much in my personal life, why would I want to be tortured in front of the cameras, and then have to relive this again in six months? But, obviously, one day the time will come where I say enough is enough,” she concluded.

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays at 8 PM/ET on Bravo.