All the Ways Tom Sandoval Is Rewriting History

Tom Sandoval
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Again, we don’t need to keep screaming from the rooftop that Tom Sandoval is a pretty gross dude. But here I am again ranting on about the TomTom co-owner’s revisionist history on Vanderpump Rules. Tom, who is no longer the number one guy in the group, is the king of poppycock. For a while, he was able to worm his way into people’s hearts without them seeing who he truly was. Now that the curtain has been pulled back, Tom is trying his best to come out of the situation smelling like roses. 

New Victim Era

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The singer has become a pro at retconning his relationship with Ariana Madix, making sure to bring up issues that he never really mentioned before. Tom has a knack for reframing things in his favor as he tries to paint himself as the victim. With the Season 11 premiere, Tom has gone as far as to claim Ariana “belittled” him for years. While talking on The Viall Files podcast, Tom bluntly claimed he cheated because of his “low self-worth.”

Really Tom? You eat a whole bag of Oreos because of low self-esteem you don’t actively seek out an affair. The adulterer went on to say, “But like, this person—fu*king throughout our relationship—talked to me like I was down here, all the fu*king time. And it’s unfortunate that like, my way of acting out against that was like, me also like, just getting belittled, belittled, belittled all the fu*king time.”

Tom Is Two Faced

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Tom used to be enthralled with Rachel Leviss, which he now chalks up to self esteem issues. “Somebody like Raquel—somebody who’s in her 20s doing the whipped cream bikini thing like in Varsity Blues—I was like, ‘Wow. I’m attracted to somebody.’” It turns out the lack of sex with Ariana helped to attract him to Rachel, but I digress.

Tom is currently acting like a kicked puppy on Season 11. But he has clapped back at Rachel while on Vanderpump Rules: The After Show. It turns out Tom isn’t such a fan of being dumped, noting the two stopped talking shortly after season 10 ended. Tom was convinced he and Rachel were lightning bolt soul mates. So now, he’s been vilifying Rachel’s attempts to share her truth.

“It hurts me to hear the things that she says because I was always such a champion of her and being empowered by herself and making her own decisions,” Tom said during his Viall Files podcast. “I was always the one to push her up and tell her what a smart, powerful woman she is and is becoming.”

Sandoval may claim to be supportive of Rachel, but he undermines those claims constantly. “Obviously, it’s partly my fault; it’s partly her fault,” Tom contended. “You know, definitely not blameless, but her publicist would constantly say ‘optics, optics, optics.’ And I think the optics of the situation became the priority over anything else.” For someone who champions Rachel as a “smart, powerful woman,” Tom seems awfully comfortable dragging her name through the mud.

Tom Has a History

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Who knew Tom was such a fiction writer? I really believe Tom doesn’t think he is lying when he changes his story. He’s just writing fiction with his mouth. The entire story was fishy, and we definitely never talked about the timeline, so when Ally Lewber spotted Tom and Rachel out at The Abbey, Tom had to figure out a plan. The next day, Rachel arrived late and hungover to work. Rachel said she had spent the evening in the hot tub with Tom, spilling that she actually spent the night.

But when Lisa Vanderpump Facetimed to confirm the story, Tom went full damage control. “We hung out for a little bit, she literally dipped out,” he claimed. “I don’t know, actually, she left early.” As we now know, the story was just a flat-out lie, which apparently Tom is really good at doing. Season 11 will undoubtedly show even more lies that fans will most likely lose count of.