Cruz Taylor, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright
Photo: Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

Jax Taylor Shuts Down Rumors He’s Split From Brittany Cartwright

On February 17, Vanderpump Rules alum Jax Taylor posted a picture on Instagram of his recent trip to Montréal. The photo appeared to show him dining solo in a local restaurant.

Immediately, fans went into panic mode and assumed the worst. “Is him an [sic] Brittany not together anymore?” one fan quickly commented.

Jax wasted no time clapping back against rumors that he and Brittany Cartwright, his wife of nearly five years, had split. He responded, “Why would you say that, i can’t take a trip without my wife for work … ” He emphasized his post with a rolling-eyes emoji.

Jax and Schwartz hit Canada together

Apparently, Jax was appearing at an event in the Canadian city alongside his buddy Tom Schwartz. He posted another Instagram photo of the pair, in which Jax praised Montreal’s friendly people and fantastic food.

But again, the first poster commented, “Everything ok with you and Brittany, Jax?” Come on, people. If the commenter had read the tiny words under the post, it’s apparent that Jax and Tom were on some kind of PR trip. Jax not only thanked the public relations firm but also gave a shoutout to all the places they ate and the hotel they stayed at. Obviously a business trip.

Sadly, fans have been curious about the status of Jax and Britt’s relationship. Another poster commented that “gossip sites are saying you cheated.” Jax clapped back with, “Wow … after everything that happened … seriously.”

On a Blocked by Jax subreddit site, one Reddit user claimed the couple is no longer “living together (since Jax went on that bender with [Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz]). Brittany’s been living in a random house, and they no longer post together.” Where do people get this stuff? Do they just make it up?

While some fans still want to believe that Jax and Brittany have a “rocky relationship,” there are others who think they’re just fine. They have a new Bravo show, The Valley, premiering this spring. They’re focused on raising their two-year-old son Cruz and have publicly discussed trying for a second baby.

Just because Jax posted a photo of himself eating out alone is no reason to suspect trouble in paradise.

The Valley premieres Spring 2024 on Bravo.