Did Kandi Leave RHOA Because Porsha Returned?

Kandi Burruss
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Since 2008, the Real Housewives of Atalanta has been one of the top franchises. With the loss of the queen that is Kandi Burruss, the Bravosphere is shaking in their Jimmy Choo boots. Only days after the announcement, Bravo revealed they had signed a contract with Porsha Williams for a magnificent return to her own queendom.

There has been speculation that the No Scrub writer might have left for other reasons than she has claimed. Kandi has always been the peach who has been able to keep her cool unless someone comes for Mama Joyce, so I believed her when she said she had just outgrown being a Real Housewives star.

But with the return of Porsha announced so shortly after Kandi’s own news, I couldn’t help but start to dig through the duo’s past. They were never truly the closest on RHOA, often coming across as acquaintances than anything else. Yes, Kandi admitted to locking lips once with Porsha, but it was never enough to solidify a true friendship. So what’s the deal? Did Kandi leave RHOA in favor of not running into Porsha, or is it one big misunderstanding? 

What Did Porsha Do To Kandi?

Kandi Burruss/Instagram

Their friendship seemed to be at an all-time high during Season 10, especially after an episode revealed that Porsha and Kandi partook in a hot and heavy makeout session that supposedly led to Mrs. Guobadia offering to have sex with Kandi. The Kandi Koated Kliquoe organizer laughed it off, telling cameras, “Everybody knows that she hooks up with girls from time to time. I know it, she knows it, she knows I know it. Baby girl—we are in the same boat together. It’s like she and I have shared a secret that nobody else knew. I’ve never said anything, not even to my closest friends. But you only want to tell one part of the secret?”

But only one side of the secret was spilled, with Kandi then having every right to be upset with Porsha essentially after the 2017 incident. The original feud was triggered after it came to light that Phaedra Parks was the puppeteer in facilitating a rumor that suggested that Kandi and Todd Tucker had intentions of drugging Porsha and taking advantage of her. Sadly, Porsha just went along with the plan, choosing not to ask questions for herself.

After Kandi delivered the famous line “The lies! The lies,” she then told Andy Cohen, “I don’t owe her sh*t, and I would say that to anybody. Not a motherf*cking thing.”

Kandi Shares Why She Won’t Be In Season 16

Kandi Burruss/Instagram

Last week, Kandi revealed she would not be returning to the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The Grammy Award winner shared with the interviewer, “I’m not really keeping up right now. I’m not keeping up. I already said it, so I’ll tell you. I decided I’m not coming back this year. It’s been 14 seasons, and they allowed us to sit around for a little too long, but during that time, I had started working on a lot of other things, and I got some nice big projects coming soon, so I’m super excited about those things.”

That was a lot to digest, with fans already worrying about the state of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. There have been rumors that the series was going to be put on pause or given a reboot. For years, the franchise has done categorically well, so when the last few seasons were boring AF, the network started to scramble for other options. 

Kandi’s Exit Smells Fishy

Kandi Burruss/Instagram

I can’t kick the feeling that something now feels off about Kandi’s departure. Even though Kandi has been spotted as late of 2023 hanging with Porsha, I don’t buy the friendship. The Fly Above singer is great at cutting people out of her life when she feels betrayed. We saw this move with Phaedra directly after the rumors were revealed. Only time will tell if she left on her own accord or was pushed out.