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Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd Fighting Former Bartenders Over Alleged Wrongful Termination

Lisa Vanderpump and Ken Todd are in more hot water regarding allegations from former employees. Two bartenders from TomTom went rogue and sued Ken, Lisa, and their company for wrongful termination.

Dax Hill and Peter Hodge were hired, then fired. Now they accuse the Vanderpump Rules stars of failing to provide rest periods, unlawful business practices, defamation, AND blacklisting. Obviously, Ken and Lisa are not going to take this lightly and want the case tossed out. Radar has the scoop.

Court docs show the business couple are fully denying all of Dax and Peter’s claims and admit to no wrongdoing. And honestly, who is surprised by that? The bartenders’ suit states: “Between May 2022 and December 2022, Plaintiffs were both employed as bartenders with Defendants at their restaurant, TomTom. During this period, Plaintiffs experienced rampant violations of California labor laws, harassment, and unsafe working conditions.”

Dax and Peter also said they were paid late and had to deal with sewage issues in the staff breakroom. Apparently, after these two complained about the circumstances they basically fell off the shift calendar and didn’t work in all of December 2022, “constructively terminating them.”

The former employees feel they “have suffered and continue to suffer substantial losses incurred in earnings, bonuses, deferred compensation, and other employment benefits. As a proximate result of Defendants’ actions, Plaintiffs have suffered and continue to suffer emotional distress, mental anguish, embarrassment, humiliation, and anxiety all to his damage in an amount to be proved at trial.”

Further, Ken and Lisa stand accused of “having published false statements and comments to numerous third parties” regarding his “profession, reputation, and character.” Okay, I was with them until that part. I can’t see Lisa sitting down at her computer and having the free time to attack someone online – but I guess anything is possible.

Not the vexing!

The plaintiffs also accuse Lisa and Ken of “portraying him as a criminal.” “Said rumors and false statements were made with actual malice. Defendants intended to vex, annoy, and humiliate.” Not VEX, ANNOY, AND HUMILIATE.

Ken and Lisa aren’t having it and say the suit is barred because “the parties agreed to resolve all eligible employment-related causes of actions and claims through binding arbitration, including the claims in this lawsuit.”

The response continued, “Defendants allege certain claims in the Complaint are barred by the doctrines of business necessity and mixed motive in that Defendant’s actions were done for a legitimate, non-discriminatory and non-retaliatory reason, were necessary for the efficient operations of Defendants’ business.”

Dax and Peter are seeking unspecified damages for the alleged vexing. Additionally, Ken and Lisa want the suit thrown out and for Dax and Peter to pay their legal bills. Good luck everyone.

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