Photo by: Ralph Bavaro/Bravo via Getty Images

Vicki Gunvalson Returns to RHOC Filming for Tres Amigas Showdown

Oh dear, poor Vicki Gunvalson is trying again, my friends. What happened to her big declaration that she wouldn’t appear on Real Housewives of Orange County unless she had an orange?

I guess she forgot because guess what? Vicki is appearing, albeit briefly, in Season 18. Because Tamra Judge is fighting with both Vicki and Shannon Beador, production thought filming a Tres Amigas takedown would be a thing. Unfortunately for Vicki, it was just another reminder her time was over. TMZ has the details.

Vicki’s high horse rode off in the sunset

Victoria made a lot of statements at BravoCon but the moral of her story was trying to threaten Bravo into giving her the old job back. Bravo said “Thank you, next” and tried to pawn off an award hoping to quiet her down. It didn’t.

Despite her statements to the contrary, Vicki is returning to avenge the Tres Amigas. She’s facing off with Tammy Sue and allegedly this was a feeble attempt to bring the girls back together again that went horribly left.

Insiders said Shannon brought Vicki to a group event to have words with Tamra. Instead of singing songs of peace around the campfire, they had a big old fight. When the evening was over, things were worse than ever. Also, Vicki had filmed with Heather Dubrow and Shannon prior to this get-together and all I can say is, Alex Baskin, stop.

Tammy Sue has already told the world she ended her time with the Tres Amigas because of her hectic schedule. She also noted going on tour after Shannon’s DUI wasn’t a good look and Tamra was absolutely correct. Unfortunately for the Dos Abuelos, she was a main reason people were turning out to see the ladies “perform.”

Vicki is still mad she wasn’t brought back and Shannon is mad Alexis Bellino was offered a friend role while Vix is stuck selling insurance.

At least we know Tammy Sue is standing on business. Season 18 is already DEFCON 4 and RHOC should return to Bravo later this year.