Brielle Biermann and Kim Zolciak
Photo by Paras Griffin | Getty Images

Kim Zolciak ‘So Happy’ Daughter Brielle Biermann Is Engaged

For once, Kim Zolciak’s name is turning up in headlines for uncontroversial reasons, all thanks to her daughter, Brielle Biermann. On February 26, Brielle announced her engagement via social media.

Photos showed minor league baseball player Billy Seidl on one knee, popping the question to Brielle. The two made their relationship official in April 2023. Things have progressed well since then, in contrast to Kim’s ever-worsening marriage.

Everybody began celebrating the Kannapolis Cannon Ballers pitcher and the former Don’t Be Tardy star. So, The Real Housewives of Atlanta OG had to get in on the good news.

“Happy” Kim congratulates daughter Brielle: “Best feeling EVER!!”

On February 27, shortly after the news of her daughter’s engagement went live, Kim took to Instagram to celebrate. She posted a picture of Billy proposing to Brielle, as well as pictures of her and her daughter FaceTiming one another after the engagement. In the post’s caption, Kim expressed she was “so happy” for the young couple.

She continued, “nothing makes me happier than seeing my kids happy! It’s the best feeling EVER!! Love you both to the moon and back and look forward to alllll the years to come ❤️.” As one might’ve expected, Kim’s post was met with a lot of heat. Fans criticized Brielle’s relationship, Kim’s relationship, and both parties’ finances.

Of course, taking shots at the Biermann family is easy. Kim and Kroy Biermann’s circus of a divorce has made headlines for months now. At present, Kim seems happy, as does her daughter. Perhaps we can wait a little while before roasting again. When another headline about Kim and Kroy inevitably hits the presses, at that point, we can get back to business as usual.

For now, perhaps the family should just be able to bask in the brief reprieve.