Why It’s Sandoval, Not Ariana, Who’s Being Petty

(Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for MTV)

So when I watched the season premiere of Vanderpump Rules season 11, I very much believed that Ariana Madix was acting petty AF. Ariana hasn’t escaped the furnace and has been catching some heat about how she has been acting toward her ex, but in subsequent episodes, I believe Tom Sandoval has taken back the lead and sufficiently still given me the ick.

The co-owner of TomTom imploded his life back in March 2023 after news broke that he had been having a secret affair with Rachel Leviss for months. Needless to say, nothing has worked out well for the dude in the last few months, and fans aren’t ready to remove his feet from the hot coals. 

Party Animal

Tom Sandoval/Instagram

Tom blew my mind when he wanted to throw himself a birthday party at their shared Valley Village home instead of respecting Ariana’s space. I mean, he has his own bars, for f*ck’s sake, two of them actually that he could have gone to. The way Tom went about trying to plan a party with one day’s notice wasn’t that responsible either. It felt like Tom wanted to corner Ariana, almost forcing her to have no other choice but to agree to the shindig. Luckily, Ariana stood her ground, noting she would call the cops. 

Tom was clearly trying to play the victim card, explaining to his assistant Ann, who needs a raise, BTW, that he was turning 40. Surely, if you had such a big birthday approaching, you would have made actual concrete plans instead of just having 12 friends over to drink and smoke until the wee hours of the mourning. Honestly, Tom has the bandwidth of a ten-year-old. He should have booked out Discovery Zone- it would have been the perfect atmosphere

Tom Outs Ariana or Tries To

Tom Sandoval/Instagram

During the second episode of Vanderpump Rules, Tom tries his best to paint himself as a victim of financial crime, noting Ariana has refused to pay him back for her share of the bills. The singer revealed, “My bank account was literally overdrawn. Dude, Ariana hadn’t paid any of the bills for, like, fu*king eight months, man.” Tom continued to moan about his plight to his former best friend, Tom Schwartz, sharing, “I’ve been pretty much paying for everything out of all my accounts. Mortgage, gardener, cleaning, utilities, everything. It’s kind of like pulling teeth to get Ariana to pay me back.”

But I’d be careful to take his statement at full value because Ariana clapped back, explaining she asked for an itemized list of expenses after they remortgaged their home in 2021. While on the Vanderpump Rules After Show, Ariana explained “I have asked repeatedly, for years at this point, for an itemized breakdown of said bills that he’s talking about. Because we would always put money into a joint account and then have that account be the one that was hooked up to all of these different things. Bills just come out of it automatically, and then, oh the balance is getting low. We both go put the same amount of money in that account.”

White Noise

Tom Sandoval/Instagram

Perhaps the pettiest thing Tom has done this far is buy himself a white noise machine because, as he put it, he didn’t want his conversations listened in on. I mean, what does he think Ariana has time for? To sneak up to his door and listen to every word he mutters? Tom definitely has an inflated ego if he thinks his ex cares that much. Ariana shared that “He has done some weird things like opened my mail and put my plates on my car. His most recent thing is that he got this white noise.”

Tom stated, “I got this white noise machine because when the scandal fever was at its peak, things I was saying were being overheard by Ariana and her friends.” But Ariana countered, noting the move felt like a tactic and “some sort of psychological warfare.” I’m not sure how Tom thinks he can use psychological warfare tactics when he had to be hurled over JoJo Siwa’s shoulder during Special Forces