Bethenny Frankel’s Best, Most High-Profile Feuds

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No matter what, Bethenny Frankel is always opinionated, outspoken, and ready to fight. As a result, the former Real Housewives star is constantly getting into feuds. Some are one-sided, like when Bethenny trashed Kelly Rowland. Regardless, Bethenny rarely backs down.

Bethenny’s been scrappy since Season 1 of Real Housewives of New York City. That’s what initially made her a great Housewife. But at this point, does it hurt her more than it helps? We’re looking back at just a few of Bethenny’s most high-profile feuds over the years. Is she the problem? Let’s break it down.

Bravo Feuds

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Bethenny butted heads with many of her Real Housewives of New York City co-stars. Who could forget Ramona Singer accusing her of not supporting other women? Eboni K. Williams isn’t a Bethenny fan either.

The most famous of her RHONY feuds was with Kelly Bensimon. In this case, Kelly was unquestionably the instigator. See, the infamous “this is you, this is me” fight. Kelly also downplayed Bethenny’s profession, calling her a “cook” instead of a chef. The feud reached a boiling point at Scary Island. When Kelly claimed a Real Housewife tried banning her from Bravo, many assumed it was Bethenny.

As for Jill Zarin and Carole Radziwill, both started out as Bethenny’s friends. Jill and Bethenny have wild ups and downs. But Carole called Bethenny a “gaslighting dumb dumb,” so a reconciliation seems unlikely.

It’s not just New York Housewives either. Bethenny also clashed with Lisa Vanderpump and Gina Kirschenheiter. But her greatest Bravo feud is definitely with Andy Cohen.

Bravo and Andy’s Reckoning

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This brings us to Bethenny’s “reality reckoning.” This feud is so high-profile it was in Vanity Fair. But the motives were questionable. Was it actually about securing better working conditions in reality TV? Or just Bethenny’s way of getting back at Andy Cohen?

Bethenny’s had a slight change of tune throughout this feud. After dragging Andy for ages, she suddenly complimented him in December. After attending the same event, she praised his charm.

Bethenny’s reaction to the wave of lawsuits against Bravo and allegations against Andy was surprising. She canceled her Real Housewives centric podcast, ReWives. Explaining why, she called it a “toxic dumpster fire” and said she didn’t want to be associated with the reality world at all anymore. She even called the episode “It’s Me…I’m the Problem, It’s Me” (the first, but not last, Taylor Swift reference in this article).

Not So Sunny

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Bethenny’s feud with The View’s Sunny Hostin began in 2018. After Hurricane Maria, Bethenny had a camera crew and photographers document her charitable efforts. All while wearing the infamous “this is a crisis” tee shirt. Sunny questioned if Bethenny was using the crisis for publicity. The TV personalities fired shots back and forth on Twitter. 

In 2019, Sunny recalled an IRL encounter with Bethenny at the beach. Allegedly, Bethenny yelled at Sunny’s child for being too loud. On a Watch What Happens Live appearance, Bethenny denied this ever happened and accused Sunny of “doing some drugs.” The backlash was swift, but Bethenny blocked Sunny instead of apologizing.

Ed Kelce Calls A Foul

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Speaking of Swift! Whether it’s desperation to be relevant, or just a result of being so opinionated, Bethenny always adds her two cents to trending topics. Naturally, she had a take on Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift’s relationship. She posted a TikTok predicting the famous couple would split. She also slammed Travis, calling him a “peacock” who needs all the attention.

Travis’ father, Ed Kelce, wasn’t happy. Ed fired back on Facebook, asking, “who tf is this troll?” on a post. It quickly went viral, and Bethenny came for the Kelces again, this time on her podcast.

Bethenny slammed Ed’s comment as an “insult” and “clickbait.” Maybe she was extra mad he doesn’t know who she is? She also refused to apologize. Literally, she said, “sorry not sorry.” It’s doubtful Ed even listened to her Just B rant. I imagine he’s too preoccupied with eldest son Jason Kelce’s retirement to respond.

It’s a No From Martha

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Bethenny got her start on Martha Stewart‘s version of The Apprentice. But that doesn’t mean they got along. In fact, their disdain for one another is well-documented. The feud seemingly began because Bethenny didn’t win the season.

When Martha appeared on her talk show, she famously called Bethenny a “pest.” Bethenny outright claimed that Martha hates her on Late Night With Seth Meyers. And on an episode of her podcast, Just B, Bethenny admitted they can’t stand each other.

This is Bethenny’s longest feud to date. And it’s doubtful she’ll back down anytime soon.