Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas
Photo by Emma McIntyre/Variety via Getty Images

Report: Things ‘Never Better’ for Teresa Giudice’s Marriage Despite RHONJ Trailer

Because of The Real Housewives of New Jersey’s Gorga vs. Giudice feud coming to a breaking point after last season, it was hard to guess what direction the show would go in; that feud has been a main storyline for over a decade. But, the Season 14 trailer that dropped yesterday showed that there’s still plenty of mess to wade through. One thing was clear: we’ll see Teresa Giudice and Luis Ruelas’ marriage and money matters under the microscope.

However, “a source close the couple” immediately came out from under a rock to assure us all that Tre and Luis’ LOVE LOVE LOVE is better than ever, and their finances are just fine. Have we traveled back to 2014? This sounds familiar.

A source: RHONJ viewers “shouldn’t be concerned” for Teresa and Luis

The trailer showed Danielle Cabral allege that there was chaos in Teresa and Luis’ home. We also heard Marge on the phone with husband Joe Benigno make the accusation that Luis/”Louie” “pissed [Teresa’s] money away.”

A person close to Teresa and Luis sprinted to TMZ yesterday to refute the S14 teaser’s implications regarding the state of their self-tanner smeared union. According to this person, things for Teresa and Lulu are better than ever. I’m sure the “source” definitely, absolutely wasn’t Teresa or Luis. Nope, no way.

Despite this not even being the first time that rumors swirled about the couple having trouble in paradise and with money, the informant reassured RHONJ fans that they need not worry. They insist that Teresa and Luis are currently in a great place.

In fact, the source implied that viewers should be more concerned for the other ladies on the show, suggesting that significant drama awaits them; probably at the hands of the loose cannon duo, Tre and Lu. Will there be a shady Bo Dietl assist?

As of now, Tre’s over-worked attorney James Leonard hasn’t commented on the rumors.

If nothing else, Teresa’s always been consistent. Even when her questionable taste in red-flag wrapped husbands and financial moves create a “worldwind,” she never “blows her casket.”

Season 14 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey hits Bravo on May 6.