Our Predictions for the Love Is Blind Season 6 Reunion

Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion predictions
Photo Credit: Netflix via YouTube

Love Is Blind Season 6 was a wild ride, and we are ready for the reunion! Despite starting the season with five engaged couples, only two of them made it to the altar. Amy Cortés and Johnny McIntyre got married, while AD Smith and Clay Gravesande faced an awkward moment at the altar after Clay said no.

Jimmy Presnell and Chelsea Blackwell, on the other hand, called off their engagement days before going to the altar. Both Jimmy and Chelsea had previously been in a love square in the pods, with Jessica Vestal and Trevor Sova respectfully. By the same token, Jeramey Lutinski was involved in a complicated love triangle with Laura Dadisman and Sarah Ann Bick. Jeramey eventually called off his engagement to Laura, and was last seen with Sarah Ann.

We’re hyped to see these cast members reunite at the reunion, where some tea is sure to be spilled! Here are our predictions for what will go down at the Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion!

Amy & Johnny Are Still Together

Let’s start on a positive note, with the season’s only successful couple, Amy and Johnny! Amy and Johnny tied the knot in a heartwarming wedding at the end of the finale, which was the perfect way to wrap up Season 6.

It seems almost certain that Amy and Johnny are still together. The couple didn’t have many issues throughout their engagement, other than disagreeing over birth control. Furthermore, Amy and Johnny posted a picture of them walking into the reunion together, which all but confirms that they are still together.

Clay & AD Are Now Broken Up

The last we saw of AD and Clay, it was implied that the couple would continue exploring their relationship. Despite saying no to AD at the altar, Clay insisted that he didn’t want to end the relationship altogether. Clay was still interested in AD, but he did not feel ready for a commitment as big as marriage yet.

Despite not breaking up at the end of the season, it is more likely than not that the pair have now parted ways. It would take a lot of strength and patience from AD to continue dating Clay after such a disappointment. The pair also seemed pretty unhappy with one another in photos already seen from the reunion, which further points to their break-up.

Trevor Will Admit To Having A Girlfriend At Home

Trevor explored a relationship with Chelsea in the pods, which later left him broken-hearted when she chose Jimmy instead. However, after the season began airing, some dirt came out on Trevor online. Fans quickly found proof that Trevor had a relationship before leaving for the show, which never appeared to end.

This will surely be a big subject of conversation regarding Trevor at the reunion. The Season 6 reunion trailer shows Trevor being questioned about his prior relationship, and suggests that he will come clean about the matter. Or perhaps, he will explain it away…

Jimmy & Jessica Have Talked Since Filming Ended

Jimmy and Jessica’s connection played a critical part in Season 6, despite the pair not getting engaged in the pods. Jess was a constant subject of conversation in Jimmy and Chelsea’s relationship, which probably played a part in their break-up. After meeting at the cast barbeque, Jimmy admitted that he was attracted to Jess.

Since Jimmy and Chelsea didn’t make it to the altar, it wouldn’t be a shock if he ended up rekindling with Jess at some point. While the pair may not have started a relationship, I would bet that they at least considered it. In the reunion trailer, Jess is seen telling Jimmy that she thought they were on good terms. This suggests that while they may have reunited, that things probably didn’t end well.

Jeramey & Sarah Ann Are Dating

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Jeramey, but he is sure to have some big news to share at the reunion. Jeramey ended his engagement with Laura after being caught with Sarah Ann, his other love connection from the pods. Jeramey seemed to regret his decision after meeting Laura, and the last we saw of him was a jet ski ride into the sunset with Sarah Ann.

From everything that we’ve seen of the reunion so far, it seems all but certain that Jeramey and Sarah Ann are together. The duo are seen sitting next to one another on the couch, with Sarah Ann’s hand on Jeramey’s lap at a point. While we can’t see we didn’t see this coming, it is still a bit of a surprise!

The Love Is Blind Season 6 reunion is available to stream on Netflix from Wednesday, March 13.