Is VPR Season 11 Tom Schwartz’s Redemption Year?

(Photo by: Scott Gries/Bravo via Getty Images)

We all have that one friend who is just a bit too passive. They sit comfortably in the middle of the fence while chaos rages around them and often defend everyone, proving when you are a friend to everyone, you are a friend to no one. Tom Schwartz is this man on Vanderpump Rules. Over the years, he has downplayed Katie Maloney‘s feelings while supporting Tom Sandoval until the ends of the earth. But Season 11 could change all that as the co-owner of TomTom is finally starting to notice he may have been on the wrong side all these years. 

Schwartz Could Be Redeemed

Tom Schwartz/Instagram

I think Schwartz could be redeemed if he just let his bromance with Tom Sandoval go or at least addressed that his friend isn’t the greatest of human beings. The two have been friends for so long and traveled down from Florida to make it big in the City of Angeles that I question whether Sandy has impacted how Schwartz thinks and acts. But simultaneously, I see a glimmer of hope for Tom Schwartz, especially this season. 

Even though Schwartz has consistently made some questionable choices Season 11 is showing him making better ones. Not great ones, but better ones. We are already three episodes in, but Tom has stood up to Sandy and encouraged his friend to just own up to his mistakes and apologize to James Kennedy and Scheana Shay. He also seems to not be taking any guff from Sandy’s back talk and it is nice to see Schwartz stand up for himself a little bit.  

Tom Wants To Make Nice

Tom Schwartz/Instagram

In the world of reality TV, Tom is going for sainthood as he tries to get the rest of the group, with the exception of Ariana Madix and Katie, to forgive Sandoval. With the pushing of Lisa Vanderpump, Tom has taken it upon himself to plan a possibly manipulative redemption arc trip to Tahoe. Now, I am pretty sure I know how this will end, and it won’t be pretty. Lisa is going to force the table to talk over their nice dinner, forcing them to figure out pleasant exchanges.

Poor Tom was only thinking about the short game and how he could get at least half of the group back on speaking terms with Sandy. The man is going for sainthood at this rate. While it is a nice endeavor to try and have everyone forgive because, at the end of the day, it was just a shady affair, I don’t think Schwartz will have the necessary outcome he desires, but I give him kudos for putting himself out there and trying. 

Cut All Ties

Tom Schwartz/Instagram

The best thing Schwartz could do for himself is to cut ties with Sandoval. Vanderpump Rules fans have seen Sandoval manipulate everyone around him, including his best friend, but it doesn’t absolve the people he manipulates of their actions. For this reason, if Schwartz really wanted to redeem himself, he should end the long-time friendship.

As the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together, so I am going to need Schwartzy to become some form of exhausted pigeon or a solitary heron even to have a chance of coming out of this new season smelling like flowers.   

Winter House Tom vs VPR Tom

Tom Schwartz/Instagram

Even though Winter House has been put on hold, I liked who Schwartz was when he showed up at the Colorado villa. He was sweet and funny. You could also tell he was still in a shell-shocked state after Scandoval. But what I found most endearing was the fact that I found myself rooting for his storyline line with Katie Flood. Watching him this past winter reminded me of the Schwartz I liked in the early seasons of VPR.

I think if Tom could deliver us that version of himself, he would find himself in the good graces of Vanderpump Rules fans in no time. If only we could step into a time machine and go ten years back, but I doubt his redemption journey will be that easy.