RHUGT: RHONY Legacy Deserves a Second Season, Here’s Why

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Impatient Real Housewives of New York City fans were ticking off the days until these legends returned to our TV screens. The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy reunited Luann de Lesseps, Sonja Morgan, Dorinda Medley, Ramona Singer, Kelly Bensimon, and Kristen Taekman. And it was everything that we had dreamed about.

After the possibility of a RHONY Legacy series was dashed, having this vacation back in St. Barths has been a treat. Let’s look at why RHUGT: RHONY Legacy deserves a second season.

The Longtime Friendships

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Something magical happens when you put this group together. I’ll admit that I was skeptical about why Kristen was added to this trip. But I did remember who she was, unlike her co-star Ramona. Kristen fit in well with the group, except for Kelly.

Sonja and Luann recently filmed their own spin-off. Luann and Sonja: Welcome to Crappie Lake, so seeing them together again was great. Although Sonja caught some heat for not responding to texts and phone calls from her pals. She chalked it up to having to stay at friends’ homes because her townhouse was rented. And constantly trying to keep up with her thriving Cameo business. Sonja has to hustle.

The Nostalgia of Having the Cast Back Together

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It has been a long time since we saw this group all together. Luann and Ramona were cast members on the first season of RHUGT. Dorinda hosted the second season, with a new cast, at her beloved Berkshires mansion, Bluestone Manor.

Luann and Sonja had the time of their lives while filming Welcome to Crappie Lake in Benton, Illinois. And Kristen and Kelly have been off our screens since exiting RHONY. But when you put this crew together, it was delightful. Having Luann berate Sonja and Ramona for always being late just felt so right.

And whether they were skinny dipping in the pool, harassing the household staff, or reminiscing about their previous trip to St. Barths, I am all in. And I also support awarding Martin, the property manager, with hazard pay.

The Ladies Bring the Humor

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We already know that Luann and Sonja are comedy gold. Recording their Cameo messages while in a van on their way to a destination was hilarious. And I will never recover from the sight of Sonja at a restaurant, parading around with her booty fully exposed. Kelly calmly told the shocked diners that it was just a little wardrobe malfunction as she fashioned a beach towel into a dress. Voila!

Watching Luann and Sonja on the prowl among a group of much younger men was a study in two different flirting mediums. And I never want to see flashbacks of Ramona making out with an oyster shell again. All in all, how can Peacock not give these ladies a second season?

The Cast Wants To Come Back (And Why Ramona Shouldn’t)

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Most of the cast has expressed interest in another RHUGT experience. Kelly, Luann, Kristen, Sonja, and Dorinda are all in.

But the elephant in the room was Ramona. In a Vanity Fair article published in October 2023, Ramona allegedly used “the N-word” while speaking to a Black member of the RHONY crew.

Ramona’s allegedly racially insensitive comments led to an investigation during Season 13 of RHONY. After that, the reunion was canceled and the cast received the boot. A new cast was brought in to launch the reboot of the series.

According to US Weekly, Ramona allegedly used “the N-word” again in a text exchange with a reporter from Page Six about the accusations in Vanity Fair. After the reporter shared the screenshot, Ramona was dropped like a hot potato. She wasn’t allowed to attend BravoCon or do press for RHUGT.

I think we have seen and heard enough from Ramona at this point. She certainly meets the criteria to permanently retire as a housewife.

The Fun Shade Was Amazing

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Watching the cast squabble over petty things was incredible. Whether it was Luann needling Kelly about not coming through with Rangers tickets, or Kristen poking Dorinda about whether she was fired, or “paused,” these ladies didn’t disappoint. And don’t be late when Ramona is hungry, or she will bellow for you. No one wants that.

Meanwhile, Kristen and Kelly often butted heads. Kelly accused Kristen of being a RHONY “fan,” and then claimed that she was acting as a “host.” She once again needed some jellybeans for this Real Housewives excursion. Her fixation on Kristen, and her decision to keep a wall up with her co-stars, led to some meltdowns. But on the final day of the trip, Kelly seemed like she was in good spirits.

After watching these greats back in action, I forgot how much I missed their sassy one-liners. I loved their humor and their entertaining shade. This is why RHUGT: RHONY Legacy deserves a second season. Let’s see these icons, minus Ramona, back on our TV screens soon.