Brittany Cartwright
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Brittany Cartwright Still Wants Another Child Despite Separation

Brittany Cartwright won’t let Jax Taylor get in the way of her future family plans, despite their separation. Whether Jax is involved or not, Brittany hopes to have at least one more child.

Vanderpump Rules fans were immediately skeptical when news of the separation hit the press. Not necessarily because of Brittany and Jax’s impenetrable bond, but more because of their upcoming show, The Valley, hitting Bravo all too soon. If VPR Season 10 taught us anything, it’s that a breakup sells (and all the more when there’s a cheating scandal but still).

From that point of view, it’s kind of suspicious just how many Bravo properties have featured breakups since this time last year. But whether it’s real or not, Brittany isn’t letting her separation determine her future.

Brittany loves a “big family dynamic” as she discusses possibility of having another child

In a recent interview with Page Six, Brittany spoke about her hope to have another child. “I would so go the Lala [Kent] route if I needed to,” Brittany shared, suggesting she’d find a sperm donor if a reconciliation didn’t work out with Jax. “I admire her for that. I want more kids.”

She explained her own upbringing and how that affected her hopes for a future family. “I want Cruz to have a sibling. I come from a family of five. So I got three brothers. And a sister. And I love that, like, big family dynamic.”

That said, she clarified that she did not “want a million kids.” She explained, “But I, at least, want one more child. I’m only 35 so I could still, like, maybe meet somebody if it goes that route. I don’t know.”

However, for the Jax detractors getting their hopes up, she added, “I’m not saying it would. Or maybe me and Jax got back together, we could still have another one. If not, I’ll go the Lala route.” As for her relationship with Jax, Brittany wasn’t sure that he would be willing to make the changes she’d need to see from him if reconciliation were on the table.

The Valley premieres Tuesday, March 19 at 9/8c on Bravo.