Everything We Know about Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 5

Photo by: Clifton Prescod/Bravo via Getty Images

Anyone else still reeling from Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4? Two months later, and I’m still out here, internally singing my own remixes of “Receipts, Proof, Timeline, Screenshots,” randomly, usually whenever someone dares questioning me. Seriously, the finale’s montages, flashbacks, reveals, and picturesque beach shots all combined, giving us cinematic perfection in turn. Honestly, it’s all still giving me (and hopefully many, many others, because if not, then maybe I have problems) life.

So where does this series go from here? Luckily, as a few leaks and statements have already started making the rounds, it appears like the word “up” might be the answer. Intrigued? Keep reading to learn everything that there is to know, for now, about RHOSLC Season 5.

When will RHOSLC Season 5 premiere?

Typically speaking, RHOSLC premieres in September. While Season 5’s expected air date hasn’t been revealed yet, we can still use this pattern to help us make our best educated guess, putting us sometime around September, 2024. Basically, we’ve got some time. Hopefully, only good things will come to those who wait.

Who’s returning for RHOSLC Season 5?

Spotted on their first cast trip, it’s very clear who is in, and who is out. As for the returning snowflake holders, we’ve got Heather Gay, Whitney Rose, Mary Cosby, Lisa Barlow, Meredith Marks, and Angie Katsanevas. Basically, it’s everyone. Minus Monica Garcia.

Also, there’s a woman wearing a hotdog costume in this reel. If she’s not a cast member, then Bravo, SIGN HER. To explain, every single year, my daughter dresses up like a hotdog for her October school events, while all of the other little girls are princesses, and it’s awesome. We deserve a fully-grown cast member with this level of zero f*cks given, but like, in a funny way, on this often dark franchise.


Monica Garcia is out, as some fresh faces join

Monica’s newbie status in Season 4 didn’t hold her back, like, at all. In fact, she ended her first season sitting right next to Andy Cohen at the reunion. This is wild, but, deserved. Whether you loved her or loathed her, there’s no question that her storylines drove this season.

First, she revealed that she’d had an 18-months-long affair with her “husband’s sister—her husband.” But even bigger than this, turns out, she’d been secretly blogging about her cast for awhile. She did so well before she was ever hired to star on this series. This all came to a head in the finale, where Heather outed Monica as being behind the Real Housewives gossip account, Reality Von Tease, and all hell proceeded to break loose amongst the ladies.

During the Season 4 reunion, further accusations about this troll account flew faster than T’Challa. Throughout it all, Monica owned her part, mostly, but she also blamed production, which was a bad move. Needless to say, Monica wasn’t asked back, yet, it’s been noted that things could change at any time. So, who’s taking her place?

In attendance at Lisa’s Galentine’s Day party this year were actually 3 new faces. The first is actress Britani Bateman. The second is model Meili Workman. And finally, we’ve got Bronwyn Newport, who EVERYONE – BRONWYN’S MY HOTDOG!

Ok. I’m good. I just died for a sec after looking at her socials, realizing that she was my girl in question. Please don’t let her suck, please don’t let her suck, please don’t let her suck…

Mary Cosby may be full-time once again

Mary is as quirky as the day is long. She does what she wants, when she wants, and nothing else. She’s also missing a conversational filter, as whatever she’s thinking, it just comes out. Like when she asked Heather, “What made you wear that necklace?”

That said, Mary’s also controversial at times. Especially when it comes to her church. While there’s space for all faiths on this planet, Mary leads a church that’s been on the receiving end of some pretty big accusations. Within, former members have accused Mary of pushing them into emptying out their bank accounts, solely for her own financial gain.

Mary’s denied this, of course, but some of her off-color remarks have been a bit harder for her to escape. Such as her racist comments made towards RHOSLC alum Jen Shah, and her body shaming of Heather. Even still, the word on these snowy streets is that Mary’s signed a contract to return, and that she’ll do so in a full-time role for Season 5.

Last season, Mary was in a “friend of” role, so I’m eager to see if this rumor is true. If so, I’m also curious on how Mary will decide to present, or not present. On that note, wherever Season 5 takes her, hopefully a McDonald’s will be nearby.