Why Jax Taylor Is Still a Villain on The Valley

Jax Taylor
Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

You can take the boy out of SUR, but you can’t take the jackass out of the boy. Jax Taylor is back after a few years on pause from his OG series, Vanderpump Rules. The father of one’s head just became overinflated while on the series, and at one point, he thought the show was all about him. No, sadly, Jax, the show was Lisa Vanderpump‘s love child, and you were just part of the supporting cast. But now that he is back in The Valley, he is determined to show that he is a changed man. While I always love a good redemption story, I don’t think this is going to be one of those times. 

He’s back…

Last week, The Valley hit Bravo fans’ screens everywhere, reinforcing us to some of the most delusional reality TV stars of all time. Naturally leading the pack was Jax, who, upon his first scene, started to list how many accolades he had going for him. As he noted that he was a father, bar owner, and podcaster, he embellished on a few points, and immediately, I was brought back to the Jax at SUR, who could never keep a story straight. Bravo is a safe place for men who have no idea how to hold themselves accountable for their actions and offers a safe harbor for cheaters. Jax is no exception.

Jax’s baby thoughts

For a split second, I forgot Jax hailed from Florida, but his opinions on Kristen Doute’s reproductive rights solidified that “Oh yeah, this dude is Floridian.” Jax is as awful as ever, but I am grateful that some things never change. During the season premiere, Jax made it painfully clear he was not a fan of Kristen’s desire to have a child with her boyfriend, Luke Broderick. I mean, I get it. I feel like every “Bravo Luke” has been an outdoorsman who just wants to chop wood and camp. So the matchup seems a bit weird, especially since Luke hasn’t even committed to an LA move. 

But Jax, my man, you can’t just steamroll Kristen’s life plans all in the name of claiming you’re being a good friend. You, sir, are a very bad friend, and you really shouldn’t even comment on who or when Kristen chooses to have a baby. What makes a great villain is their ability to throw a grenade into the group and calmly back away, watching chaos ensue. This is what Jax excels at, and when a scene gets a bit boring, Jax comes to save the day. 

Lesson learned: wear underwear

The resident villain tries to pretend he has matured, but we all know he hasn’t! I mean, Jax pantsed a rookie! Nia Booko was beside herself as her husband’s pride and joy were displayed for less than .02 seconds. Let’s note that even Bravo cameras couldn’t catch the full frontal action, so chill, Nia. The beauty queen couldn’t hold back her tears as she noted, “Jax just came over and pulled Daniel’s pants off. Like, who does something like that?” Jax! Jax does something like that.

The man is known for his buffoonery and is legendary when it comes to stupid pranks like this. No one likes the misplaced jokes, but again, that is what makes Jax the constant villain. He then rushes in and makes a quick apology while probably concocting a new middle school joke to pull on the next unsuspecting victim

Jax’s wandering eyes

Jax is no stranger to cheating on the women he claims to love. I genuinely do not understand what any woman finds attractive about the former model, but he somehow still beds the ladies like he has the Midas touch. However, Jax’s fidelity is being called into question yet again. We all knew that while on Vanderpump Rules, Jax was a naughty boy who liked flings in Las Vegas and often covered for his friends. But it seems Jax hasn’t sewn his wild oats, and new claims are surfacing about Jax’s secret affairs.

Word on the curb via Katie Maloney is that Jax has been out and about, up to his old ways. I wouldn’t put it past the man. I mean, a cheetah never changes its spot, right? But all of this is what makes Jax the ultimate villain; he doesn’t care. Everything he does is for self-gratification and to feed that ever-growing ego. You almost can’t hate the man for just being who he is.