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Lala Kent Reveals What Ariana Madix Did to ‘Lose’ Her in Pump Rules Season 11

Lala Kent has decided to explain some things in the wake of her feud with Ariana Madix after filming the Vanderpump Rules Season 11 reunion. But instead of outright saying why the two had a falling out, Lala has masked her points under the guise of explaining why Ariana was “losing a couple of people in the group.”

The newfound feud between Ariana and Lala shook Bravo fans, some more than others. After all, Lala had shown signs of discontent with Ariana as far back as the Season 11 trailer, when fans accused her of jealousy. Her recent explanation didn’t cite jealousy as a reason for Ariana’s falling out of favor. Even still, there was an undertone of envy.

Lala explains why Ariana is “losing” her friends

On the March 22 episode of Jeff Lewis’ podcast, Lala spoke about why she felt Ariana was losing her friends. “I think it’s really important for people to know that she did not have much time to process before we went into filming,” she told Jeff. “I think that’s where she’s maybe losing a couple of people in the group.”

Lala added, “You’re talking about how unsafe you feel, yet you live in the same home as him. That’s also what was kind of losing me all season.” Sure, the whole house thing was odd at first. But perhaps if Lala were to think about it a moment longer, she might be able to rationalize why someone would show such concern for their home in this economy.

Moreover, as Ariana has explained more than once, she wasn’t always staying at the house. But the list of things that bothered Lala about Ariana went on still. “We’re talking about, ‘This devastated me.’ But you met a new guy ten days later,” she said, referring to Daniel Wai.

Lala compares her split with Ariana’s

Lala continued explaining her cognitive dissonance: “So, I wanted her to kind of explain how all of these things can be true at once and I was looked at as kind of an idiot.”

“Like, ‘How could you not even understand this? You felt unsafe with your ex.’ I’m like, so unsafe that I basically moved in the middle of the night and paid cash for an Airbnb because I didn’t want a paper trail. I was legitimately in fear. So you’re using all the same words that I’m using, and I can f*cking relate to that, it’s the other things I need you to explain a little bit.”

She told fans, “I think you guys are gonna see as the season goes on. The season’s very different. It’s a little bit deeper than we’re used to. The finale was very intense.” She added that it might’ve been in Ariana’s best interest to “take a break” instead of filming Season 11. Yeah, you’d have liked that, wouldn’t you Lala?

And, look, I don’t mean to be a white knight for Ariana. I have my qualms with her. Plus, I can sympathize with Lala, especially in the way she was so mistreated by her ex. But she of all people should know that not every woman’s experience is the same.

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