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Sutton Stracke Calls Out Annemarie Wiley for Singing Garcelle Beauvais’ Praises Before She Was Fired

Annemarie Wiley might be done with Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but her former costars aren’t quite done with her. Sutton Stracke recently called her out for the differing ways she talked about Garcelle Beauvais.

Even though Annemarie is out, it didn’t seem to be her choice. When she announced her departure, she said she “just got word today that I will not be returning.”

Unfortunately for Annemarie, fans rejoiced. Even Sutton wasn’t exactly disappointed. Still, Annemarie has been riding the fame that RHOBH afforded her. She’s appeared on multiple podcasts since Season 13 ended. But with that, listeners have noticed inconsistencies.

Annemarie’s dueling narratives on Garcelle

On April 4, Twitter user @NatalieMac84 posted a clip of Annemarie on Heather McDonald’s podcast. During the chat, Heather asked how Annemarie got along with Garcelle. She responded, “We actually filmed a really fun afternoon. She came over to my house and we had this amazing talk, this awesome heart-to-heart.”

“We bonded over so many things,” she continued, sharing that they had a lot in common regarding their pasts and “our entry into American life … So, we really bonded over a lot of things. And, you know, with being the two Black women on the cast, there are certain things that, you know, only we’re going to kind of understand. And we need to lean on each other for those things … So, no, Garcelle and I got along great.”

Twitter users were quick to note how these words didn’t align with others. On the morning of April 5, Sutton quote tweeted the video, writing, “The hypocrisy of this woman is starting to wear at me. Great friends then to turn so severely weeks later on a different podcast? Ma’am.”

Regarding those hypocritical remarks, there was her recent interview with Carlos King. Annemarie accused Garcelle of often playing the race card and wanting to be the only Black woman on the show. Then there were her husband’s remarks, accusing Garcelle of “hating on black women.”

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