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Report: Vanderpump Villa Accused of Fakery: ‘Cast To Make a Reality Show’

Vanderpump Villa has been among the most high-profile reality shows to drop in 2024, almost entirely thanks to Lisa Vanderpump’s name recognition. With Vanderpump Rules currently on Bravo, it only made sense for Hulu to try and capitalize on the success.

In fact, Vanderpump Villa is the second VPR spinoff to come out this year, the other being The Valley. And, keep in mind, Pump Rules was a spinoff in the first place. So, each new show is quite a testament to Lisa’s success.

Nevertheless, the latest Hulu series saw controversies even before airing. Prospective viewers were eager to make Pump Rules comparisons. Then there was the news of one cast member allegedly abusing an ex-partner. Now, the latest rumors suggest the whole show was orchestrated to produce the best reality TV possible.

Sources say Villa cast members didn’t know what their positions would be

Regarding Vanderpump Villa’s veracity, a source told The U.S. Sun that “half of the staff” was unaware of the positions they were being hired for. “The cast was essentially clueless when it came to their roles on the show,” the insider said.

They further explained, “They were cast to make a reality show and good TV because Lisa had to come up with a series that was interesting enough and just as similar to Vanderpump Rules.” Another source told The Sun, “Lisa liked it if the cast had some sort of relationship or connection with cast from Vanderpump Rules or even had any ties to any of Lisa’s restaurants.”

They continued, “She didn’t want everyone to be completely new and wanted to bring in some people that had a history with cast from VPR or her restaurants, so fans would be shocked once they found out some of the truths about some of the cast members.”

Granted, just because the cast members might have connections to Lisa or each other doesn’t mean the show is necessarily fake. The Sun also pointed out that multiple cast members had acting credits on IMDB. Granted, that doesn’t necessarily prove anything either.

Vanderpump Villa Episodes 1-4 are streaming on Hulu with new episodes dropping every Monday.