Jo Wenberg
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What Tom Schwartz Did To Make Jo Wenberg ‘Very Angry’

During the most recent episode of Vanderpump Rules, fans finally saw the breakdown of the relationship between Tom Schwartz and Jo Wenberg. Schwartz’s ex-wife, Katie Maloney, was not a fan. She received an odd text from Jo around the time of her divorce from Schwartz. At first, Katie thought that Jo was being supportive. But then Jo started living with Schwartz as his “roommate.” And we all know how Katie can hold a grudge.

It finally came out that the couple had a “situationship.” It was clear to the Pump Rules cast that Jo and Schwartz viewed the relationship differently. Schwartz insisted that he wasn’t ready for a relationship and just wanted to date and hook up with other people. But that is not what he supposedly told Jo in private.

Jo shared why she is angry with Schwartz

Jo was a guest on former VPR cast member Rachel Leviss’ podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue. She revealed that she is no longer in communication with Schwartz. Plus, Jo was disappointed that Schwartz hid their romance for over a year.

“What I do care is though when he says, ‘I don’t want to date someone right now.’ But he was. And now he has a new girlfriend. That one is the messed up part,” Jo explained. “That’s so messed up to me. It makes me very angry.” Fun fact: Schwartz’s new girlfriend, Sophia Skoro, styled him for the Season 11 VPR reunion.

While Jo was “wish[ing] [Schwartz] all the best with his new girlfriend,” she also struggled with not being in touch with Schwartz. “You spend time with somebody for five days a week for a year plus, and then it gets cut off,” she said. “It’s kind of like a death.”

Jo continued, “And then they don’t really help you out with your recovery. Then you don’t know until later that they’re already dating somebody else. And then you were told that he didn’t want to date.”

The hairdresser added, “It’s like, pick a lane. It’s been so mentally frustrating.” I feel bad for Jo because it was obvious in the most recent Pump Rules episode that Schwartz led her on.

Schwartz hid his relationship with Jo

“The whole time we were dating, we were, and you saw this, we were so happy. We were in love. We would tell each other we loved each other, and we would be extremely just in our own bubble, and we liked it that way, and the cameras would come up, and it was like I didn’t even exist,” Jo said.

Schwartz really was awful to Jo. I hope that she finds someone else who treats her with respect. And maybe isn’t named Tom.

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