What Is Below Deck’s Jake Foulger Doing Now?

Jake Foulger

Jake Foulger made quite a splash on Below Deck Season 9. Following a boozy night out, he and Fraser Olender were dared to kissed, but Jake also had a bit of a boatmance going on with Rayna Lindsey, which complicated things onboard. Thankfully, these three worked it out and moved forward, making it all water underneath their bridge deck. Also during Jake’s season, we learned about his then-fiancée, Paris Field, who in an unshocking (to me) turn of events, just showed up on Season 11, ready to take on Cat Baugh’s abandoned position.

From what I can recall, Jake and Paris had an interesting backstory. As he explained to his exterior team, “She’s my fiancée, but she’s not my girlfriend. I’m not monogamous, baby!” To explain, because yikes, Jake noted that this was simply a platonic thing. “She’s my mate. She needs a British passport,” he said.

So what happened between Jake and Paris? And where is Jake now? I got your tea just below.

Jake’s no longer engaged to Paris

We just watched the Season 11 crew taking a much needed night off at a nearby restaurant. During this dinner, Paris made her first appearance. When Fraser saw who it was, he stood up and greeted her warmly. While hugging his new stew, he exclaimed “I can’t believe it’s you!”  

Even though it was pretty clear that Fraser had remembered who she was, she still explained “We met on the phone, like, years ago.” A Season 9 flashback then played, showing Fraser and Jake Facetiming Paris. That said, Jake’s then-fiancée became his ex-fiancée shortly after filming wrapped, as Paris ended their engagement.

He’s placing his mental health first

When Jake failed to attend the Season 9 reunion, it raised several questions. However, Jake took to his now-expired Instagram stories on this matter. Here, he hosted a little Q&A session, explaining his absence. Basically, life had “broken his brain,” so he needed to take a time out.

He then revealed that he had actually been dealing with a lot of stressors, both before and after filming. Due to this, he’d decided that he needed space to help him fight his demons. Ever since, Jake’s been an avid supporter of all things mental health. On his Instagram, he often posts about his journey, while also doling out encouragement to his followers on the side.

The wild character that we all grew to love on BD is still lurking just beneath his kind layers though. At the ending of one such inspirational post, Jake quipped “Now f*ck off!” All jokes aside, I love that Jake has taken this needed time out to focus on himself, and I hope that this world continues to treat him kindly in turn.

Nudity is now on tap, with a side of OnlyFans

If he’s not posting about his mental health, Jake’s likely posting himself in the buff. If you like shiny hiney’s, then do yourself a favor and scroll back up to his Instagram link just above. Come back after your trip down thirst trap lane though, please. Or you know, whatever, no judgment here … sometimes.

Clearly not afraid of his form, you might be happy to know that Jake’s also ventured into a little side hustle on OnlyFans. In his bio, Jake teases “Your beloved below deck boy. Making some saucy onshore content for you to enjoy. Subscribe if you want to see the even more naughty side to me.” His regular price is $7 a month, but he runs sales often, so, cheers.

Traveling is Jake’s bag these days

In my opinion, there’s nothing better for the soul than travel. It seems like Jake agrees, because ever since his departure from Bravo, he’s been a little globetrotting king. From Byron Bay to Bali, to the United States and then over to the UK, Jake’s now taking in all that this planet has to offer.

In each of his posts, his smile could not be any larger. He also seems to be surrounded by a strong network of friends, who often join him on all of these roads less traveled. Friends can make all the difference in one’s mental health journey, so I love to see that Jake’s circle is solid. Overall, Jake’s got sunshine, buddies, and a passport, so if you ask me, he’s got everything.

You can now support Jake over on Cameo

Jake Foulger/Cameo

Just in case you want to help Jake continue on with his travels, but OnlyFans isn’t quite your speed, you have another option. You see, Jake’s also got himself a Cameo page. For just $1, you can message with Jake. For $30, you can get him to send you a personalized video, but don’t be put off by his bio, which calls us all “slags,” because he’s only kidding.

Thankfully, Jake’s still the same fountain-loving, skinny-dipping deckhand that we first met in Season 9. Therefore, whenever he’s ready, I’d love to see this deckhand return to Below Deck.