Why RHOP Fans Are Emotional About Bravo Firing Robyn Dixon

Robyn Dixon
Photo by Terence Rushin/Getty Images

For eight seasons of the Real Housewives of Potomac, Robyn Dixon has been a staple OG. She is one part of the green-eyed bandits and overall has a real presence on the small screen. Between her financial struggles and blatant marriage issues, Robyn kept fans laughing with amazing one-liners. Who could forget her outburst, noting, “I’m so glad Juan Dixon isn’t here.” But this week, she confirmed that she had been fired from the beloved series, leaving fans feeling unsettled about the whole situation. 

The group is broken

Robyn, Karen Huger, Gizelle Bryant, and Ashley Darby were the longest-running foursome to grace a Real Housewives franchise. This group has made it clear they are a sisterhood who look out for one another. They have all been friends for a decade or longer, and even though they would get into a fight every so often (mainly Karen and Gizelle), they were buddies. Karen and Gizelle are two different sides of the same coin. The same can be said for Robyn and Gizelle. You need Robyn to complete the set. It’s like a PB&J with no J! There is no show without either of the four OGs, at least not a show I want to watch.

Robyn was underrated

I don’t care what you say; Robyn has always been chill. Whether rocking her short hairdo or defending her marriage to the women, she has stayed cool as a cucumber. Robyn has come and clocked in every season. Yes, she may hold back on her drama, but she sure is great at pulling out the drama of the other ladies. Robyn has a way of bringing balance to the force that is Potomac which sometimes I think is overlooked. It couldn’t have been easy to be in a group of friends who get upset over everything and manage to stay calm. Robyn was constantly taking two steps forward and one step back. 

Robyn was the unsung hero. Unlike a lot of her co-stars, Robyn knows how to pick her battles. While some fans might think she wasn’t the brightest crayon in the box, she was pretty bright. She only gives energy to the stuff she truly cares about, which is a good lesson to all. Robyn gives a more realistic view of what it is to be a housewife. She’s down to earth, bad with money, she pulls pranks, she’s funny, and she loves her family – it’s a no-brainer on why Robyn should still be on the show. 

We missed out on a single Robyn

Okay, so Robyn is still unhappily married, but many fans are rooting for her to break up with Juan, and I can only imagine a season with a truly single Robyn. It would be glorious. Robyn is one of the only characters in the entire season with whom I could easily connect in real life. For years, viewers have gotten to know her parents and children. Without anyone standing in her way, I think she would thrive. But now, the Bravoverse will never know. 

Fans respond 

Loyal followers of the Real Housewives of Potomac took to Reddit to air out their grievances. One fan seemed in favor of the firing, writing, “Robyn had the chance to take control of the situation but decided not to. She fooled herself into thinking she was an asset to the show and thinking she was untouchable, but I’m sure she felt that boot kicking her ass off the show.” Another fan noted Bravo “probably gave her this season to redeem herself, be open and honest and hold Juan accountable and instead she doubled down.” 

Some did stick up for Robyn, sharing, “I feel like Gizelle should have been fired before Robyn.” One last follower added, “Honestly, I’d have been okay watching Robyn for another season.” Love her or hate her, Robyn had the whole fan base talking. There were always moments she could have done better, and withholding information probably didn’t help. But I stand by the opinion that I’ll miss Robyn. And I think her unique balance to the group will also be missed when the next season premieres. So, in the words of Ken Todd, Goodbye, Robyn.