Why Jo Wenberg Is Garnering Sympathy From Pump Rules Fans

Vanderpump Rules
Photo by Robin L Marshall/Getty Images

I genuinely don’t think Jo Wenberg had any idea what she was getting into when she agreed to film Vanderpump Rules with Tom Schwartz, but it all backfired. Some of the ladies, aka Katie Maloney, tried to paint Jo as someone thirsty for attention. But after a couple of episodes, Jo is coming across as harmless and pretty nice. While she may be kooky at best, my heart broke for Jo this past episode. 

Jo had more than a crush

The California native confessed her love for Tom, and he shut her down. What an absolute butthead. I can understand Tom wanting to take it slow, but then don’t lead a woman on by continuously hooking up with her and giving her a cute nickname. She is genuine, even if a bit odd at times, and she cares for Tom. Vanderpump Rules fans learned that she stood by him after his divorce, allowing him to vent. During their chat, Jo was finally able to speak her truth even if she was friend-zoned.

The biggest pit in my stomach formed when Jo asked why Tom kept trying to hide their relationship, asking if he was embarrassed by her. What woman out there hasn’t been dismissed from a love connection as the man claimed he only saw her as a friend? It sucks. I honestly want to see a win for Jo. Watching Jo sob on the couch and running to call her father brought me back to middle school. I just wanted to give Jo the biggest hug because she did the right thing by stepping back. 

Scheana stands up for Jo

During the most recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Scheana Shay admitted that her interaction with Jo wasn’t one of her finer moments. The Good as Gold singer shared, “It was my one night I drank a little too much, and that’s why I don’t usually drink when we film. They were mean girls at best.” The mean look wasn’t good. Vanderpump Rules fans will recall the women mocking Jo for wearing a hat and excluding her from the outing. 

Tom doesn’t acknowledge Jo

In the last week, Jo has posted two Instagram Stories revolving around Schwartzy, yet the TomTom owner rarely posts anything that includes her. The only time the 41-year-old has touched on his friendship with Jo was during the premiere when he noted their “Situationship with clearly defined boundaries.” It has become clearer over the season that Tom wants his cake and to eat it, too. He wanted that shoulder to cry on, a person next to him in bed, and a friend to laugh with. But when he wanted to be alone, he’d drop her like a hot potato.

Tom showed his true colors during the LA singles night at the Mondrian. Jo was under the impression they were going to support Tom Sandoval, but Schwartz got his flirt on and even made out with another woman in front of her. 

The lack of acknowledgment of Joseph’s feelings is unparalleled. Tom invites her over the next day to essentially break up with her. Jo runs for the hills since it is clear Tom still can’t commit to a woman to save his life. The worst part of it all is that I think Jo truly believed they were dating. I can’t even judge her because we have all been there.  

Jo is harmless

All I kept thinking was poor, poor Jo. She was sitting in her bohemian top in her confessional still supporting Tom. Even though some feel the hairdresser is annoying, I don’t think there is a malicious bone in her body. I think she may have pilgrimaged one too many times to the Joshua Tree, but when all is said and done, she is a reborn child of the ’60s. But Jo does have feelings as she signs off, saying, “I know the truth and the truth is that we are still hooking up, and we’ve said ‘I love you’ to each other. It bothers me that he doesn’t really want to share this relationship with his friends. I’m tired of feeling like a secret.”