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Tom Sandoval Spirals in Pump Rules Season 11 After Rachel Leviss’ Confession

Tom Sandoval is back to playing the victim. 

During this week’s Vanderpump Rules episode, Tom broke down after hearing Rachel Leviss reveal she “wasn’t in love” with him during their seven-month affair. Later, he told his complicit friend, Tom Schwartz, that he “made changes” to better himself for their future relationship. 

He continued, saying he wanted Rachel to “see the work that I’d done myself and [that she] would appreciate it.” Then, he started to put on the show he’s known for, adding, “I don’t understand how she said I was anything but somebody who just loved and cared about her. Like, I’ll do anything for her.” 

VPR co-stars tell Sandoval his relationship with Rachel is officially over… 

Photo by: Nicole Weingart/Bravo

As the scene continued, Tom said he wasn’t “ready to give up hope” on his relationship with Rachel until she declared there was nothing of substance there for her. “To go through all that and not even give it a shot, like what was it all for?” he said. 

Schwartz jumped in, telling his buddy that whatever he wanted to work out with Rachel was done. “It’s over, man. It’s been over.” 

DJ James Kennedy, who had a years-long relationship with Rachel, told Tom that his affair with Rachel was nothing more than a “f*ck fest for six months.” In fact, he declared the pair were “never in love.” 

Sandoval, who’s known for trying to defend the indefensible, fired back. “I would literally go over to her house and would spend like five, six hours together. If we had sex, it would be for a little bit; we would talk the whole time.” Oh, brother. Give me a break. 

Before the episode ended, Sandy also had a brief interaction with Scheana Shay, who revealed she wrote a song with lyrics that sounded like Tom and Rachel’s affair. The lyrics are: “From a Ferrari to a Jetta, thought you knew better / You went from something gold to something not and you could do better.” 

Sandoval, clearly upset, told his friends to “keep cashing on my misery” before doing the classic Tom walk-out. Don’t worry, pal — they will. 

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