Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 12 Recap: Rachel Leviss’ Interview Shocks the Group

Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 12 recap
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Welcome back for the Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 12 recap. Last time, Schwartz and Jo Wenberg ended their “situationship.” This week’s episode, “How’d You Like Them Apples?” features a rough conversation between James and Ally. Here’s everything you need to know about Pump Rules, Season 11, Episode 12!

Good As Gold again

Scheana, Ariana, and Lala filmed a music video for Good As Gold with The 27s at Kyle Chan’s jewelry store. Scheana has rediscovered her love of music and what a positive outlet it is in her life. Katie skipped out on the video shoot due to illness. But Scheana was skeptical and believed that Katie was avoiding Lala after their blow-up over Jo.

Meanwhile, Rachel Leviss’ appearance on Bethenny Frankel’s podcast for a three-episode tell-all rocked the group. And the Pump Rules cast didn’t like what they heard.

At the video shoot, the ladies were consumed with Rachel’s statement that she was never close friends with Ariana. In her confessional, Ariana contradicted Rachel’s claims.

“Rachel and I spent a ton of time together. When she says that we weren’t ‘that good of friends,’ it’s either her telling herself that just so she feels better about what she did or it’s her saying, ‘I didn’t really think f*cking sh*t of Ariana,” she said. VPR showed a flashback to last season of Rachel stating, “These are like my true, core people. These are my forever friends.” Oof.

Scheana, who hadn’t listened but read about Rachel’s interview, was offended by her comments about her living situation. While Rachel insisted that she paid rent and other bills, Scheana alleged that Rachel only contributed $1,000 to Scheana’s $4,300 rent. But the singer was fired up about Rachel having sex in her bed. Ewww.

James and Ally reacted to Rachel’s comments about Hippie

At Ally and James’ house, Ally has some tea for James from his ex-fiancée, Rachel. “She’s blaming Hippie’s behavior on you,” Ally told him. Rachel also claimed that she never loved Sandoval.

Meanwhile, James was invited to see Sandoval and the Most Extras rehearse because Sandoval asked James to open for their show at the El Rey. Awkward!

Sandoval can’t believe what Rachel said about their love

Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 12
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Sandoval visited Schwartz. He heard the podcast and can’t believe that Rachel never loved him. And, worse yet, she acted like the only victim in this dumpster fire. Sandoval cried because he finally realized that there was no future for him and Rachel. “It’s over, man. It’s been over,” Schwartz told his friend.

Then Lisa went to TomTom to discuss improving the restaurant side of the space with the Toms. The VPR besties were bringing in some cocktail ideas for a new brunch menu. Logan, the manager, said they hadn’t arrived yet.

Schwartz waltzed in, but Sandoval was 30 minutes late. Schwartz warned Lisa that Sandoval has been feeling down since listening to the podcast. “Who cares right now as long as she’s safe and well? Who cares what she’s got to say?” Lisa said. She was shocked that Sandoval still had feelings for Rachel.

Finally, Sandoval arrived, and Lisa clocked him for his tardiness. She told him not to listen to the podcast, but he insisted that he needed to know what she said about him. Spoiler alert: Nothing good. Lisa was concerned that Sandoval would spiral again.

And there was news on the house front. Sandoval received Ariana’s reply. She wanted to accept his offer to buy her out. But now Sandoval doesn’t know if he can financially swing it. His mortgage would double if he had to refinance. Lisa advised him to sell the house.

Scheana tries to help Ariana

According to Scheana, Ariana and Sandoval’s house has never been neat. So, she and Brock showed up to try and tidy up and help Ariana. By then, Ariana heard from Logan that Sandoval may want to sell the house, which is what Ariana wanted from the jump.

Since Rachel’s podcast interview was three parts, Scheana decided to drop part four, titled, How’d You Like Them Apples? Scheana is debuting her new song with The 27s called Apples.

She wrote the song about Rachel but also added a line about Sandoval. She planned to post a lyrics video to YouTube. Scheana was “trying to take traumatic experience and turn it into a nice piece of art.” I’m not sure Sandoval will appreciate this creation. But you know who does? Ariana.

James has hit the big-time

Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 12 recap
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At band rehearsal, James arrived with Hippie. Please don’t torture that poor dog’s ears with this noise. James was sympathetic to Sandoval because Rachel also slammed him on podcasts after their breakup.

“I’m realizing now that I cared for her way more than she f*cking cared for me, dude,” Sandoval told James. “It’s so goddamn disrespectful. She used me and now has thrown me away.”

Pardon me while I grab my cryangle and wipe away my tears. Once again, Sandoval was the victim in this scenario. Then he slammed Rachel as “selfish” for working on herself after her breakup with James and “selfish” for having an affair with him. Make it make sense.

James said that he didn’t believe that Sandoval and Rachel were ever in love. He called their relationship “a f*ckfest.” Sandoval insisted that it was love, but James didn’t buy it.

He told Sandoval that what he had with Ariana was real love. He finished the squabble by saying that he wouldn’t open for Tom because he has moved on to better gigs.

He even called Tom’s band “a joke to me.” Sandoval fired back, “Go push some buttons on your f*cking laptop.” How old are we, boys?

Lala’s sperm donor party

The set-up for this party was lovely. Flowers, themed drinks, and a table runner that read, “Who’s your daddy?” After everyone ate, the group played “pin the sperm on the vagina.” And Lala has an actual clinical depiction of a woman’s reproductive system. Yay? I do love the premise of bringing her closest people together during this monumental decision.

Lala ran down the traits of three possible donors, and the ladies voted. Everyone picked donor number one, whose favorite song was Grown Ocean. Just like Lala’s daughter, Ocean Kent’s name.

An expensive proposition

Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 12
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Schwartz visited Sandoval at his home. Craig, Sandoval’s new assistant, was there. Sandoval met Craig when he was a bartender at Schwartz & Sandy’s.

Sandoval claimed that he wouldn’t respond to Ariana’s email so that he could hang out longer with Mya. Excuse me. Is this the same Mya that you accidentally locked in Ariana’s room so that she required an emergency vet visit after eating wooden skewers? I’m still salty about the lack of remorse for the dog you supposedly love.

Then Sandoval hit up Schwartz to be his roommate if he keeps the house. The rent would just be $6,000 a month. That is insane! Then Sandoval wanted them to get a loan together. Thank the Lord that Schwartz knew this was a horrendous idea.

Ally’s shocking announcement

Vanderpump Rules Season 11, Episode 12 recap
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Ally filled James in on Lala’s sperm donor party. Lisa asked Ally if and when she wanted to have babies. Ally does want a family, but she isn’t ready now. “I definitely see, like, babies in our future … together,” James said.

Ally replied, “I just never really felt called to.” She also hasn’t felt an itch to get married. But James wants those things.

“This girl, that I’m completely in love with is basically telling me that she’s like never had plans to have kids. I mean like honestly it breaks my f*cking heart,” James said in his confessional, wiping tears from his eyes. Ally told James that she loves him, and she sees a future with him. But James was in turmoil over Ally’s revelation.

Brunch at TomTom

At the brunch, James and Sandoval apologized to each other. And Lala gave her take on Schwartz’s bleached blonde hair. “You look like Ken. Dad bod Ken,” she said. “The hottest of the Kens.”

Scheana took a moment to fill in the Toms about her song, and its references to Rachel and Sandoval. The line at issue is, From a Ferrari / To a Jetta / Thought that you knew / Better. Since Rachel used to drive a Jetta, it does seem obvious.

Sandoval stormed off, furious at Scheana. “Keep cashing in on my misery,” he told her as he walked out. He felt that someone who cared about him would not make a song about his affair with Rachel.

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