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Tom Schwartz Is ‘Disappointed’ Watching Himself on Pump Rules Season 11

Many Bravo viewers have cringed while watching Vanderpump Rules Season 11. As it turns out, Tom Schwartz is among those who are cringing. Granted, it may be for different reasons.

Most Pump Rules fans feel a little soured on Season 11 due to its framing. As Season 10 ended, it seemed producers were teeing up for high drama between Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix.

Unfortunately, fans have interpreted Season 11 as an attempted redemption arc for Tom. The undeserved redemption along with some odd allegiance shifts had viewers shaking their heads. Turns out, Schwartz hasn’t been all too pleased with his behavior either.

Tom regrets how he communicated with Jo

In his recent appearance on Nick Viall’s podcast, Schwartz spoke about the experience of watching VPR. “I watch it and there’s a complete disconnect,” he said. “I’m just like, ‘Tom, what are you doing buddy?’ … I’m very disappointed in what I see. Not to be like, Mr. Self-depricating, but when I watch it I’m just like, ‘Come on man, you’re better than that.’”

When asked about the ways Tom felt the show misrepresented him, he spoke to his intelligence. “I think I come off as like, a loveable idiot.” When Tom used the word “moron,” Nick assured him that no one thought he was a moron. He further spoke about the experience of having his reputation “dismantled” so quickly after Scandoval.

Schwartz mentioned how bad he felt for the employees of Schwartz & Sandy’s, whose careers were affected by the Scandoval backlash. He also pitied himself and his own business prospects. “There was at least one night where we had to shut down,” he revealed. “People [were] calling in and threatening crazy sh*t. … It turned into a f*cking fever dream.”

But back to the matter of watching himself on the show. He continued, “I’m watching this season back and it’s like … I feel bad because I didn’t do a great job communicating to Jo [Wenberg].” Nick, however, shared a hot take, saying he was team Schwartz. He felt that Jo had some responsibility, ignoring sentiments that Tom had explicitly shared.

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