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Video: Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright Give House Tour

Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright may be dealing with a disruption in their domestic life due to an amicable separation, but they are still a united front when it comes to their son Cruz and the home he’s grown up in. As such, The Valley duo filmed a sneak peek of their home together for Bravo.

Their Vanderpump Rules spinoff, The Valley is currently airing its first season. And there is renewed public interest in their home life after Jax and Brittany left reality TV in 2020. Here’s what the estranged couple had to say about their 4,600 square-foot home during a recent house tour filmed for Bravo.

Jax and Brittany reveal their favorite rooms of the house

Jax started by showing the areas of the house they never use, including two out of the seven bathrooms. The family also keeps the dining room and living room pristine by never sitting there either, though Jax was able to recall, “one time” he was “hungover and did pass out on that couch.”

Cruz’s playroom doubles as a guest room with a pull-out couch. The room is filled with age-appropriate toys for the pre-schooler, and he even showed off his favorite one.

Brittany showed off her gorgeous kitchen where the family spends, “the majority” of their time. The Kentucky native singled out “the kitchen island and definitely in the living room area.”

“This is probably my pride and joy of our whole home, is this couch,” Jax gushed. “We are always here. We’re big movie buffs. We’re big TV buffs. We hang out on the couch pretty much all day. If we’re not doing anything, we’re on the couch.”

Cruz’s room features dinosaur wallpaper. Clearly, the inspiration for his third birthday party. Brittany put her little man to bed in his crib as he was getting cranky during the shoot.

Brittany was embarrassed by her unusual storage space

The former VPR then villain talked about his at-home gym.

“This was a spare room but I transformed this room into a gym when Covid happened,” Jax explained. “We kept it, just because it’s really easy. Obviously, having a baby it’s hard to get to the gym on time. So having one in your house just makes life a little easier.”

There was a surprise waiting in the adjoining bathroom.

“This shower is actually where we keep Brittany’s pillow collection,” Jax revealed. “This is the most embarrassing thing I’ve ever seen and after this video, I’m gonna throw all this out.”

“I love throw pillows,” Brittany responded gesturing to the collection piled high in the shower. “Nobody uses that shower.”

The former SUR waitress got a subtle dig in when they started filming in the master bedroom.

She said, “Next up is our bedroom, where the magic sometimes happens. Cruz still sleeps in here sometimes with us. He crawls into our bed all the time. So, this is all three of our bedrooms if I’m being honest.”

Brittany then gushed about her walk-in closet, but also said she “still needs more space though.”

But her oasis is the master bathroom.

“My favorite room of the whole entire house,” the Kentucky native said. “This is our primary bathroom. My bathtub. This is my me time. Jax and Cruz are not allowed whenever I’m in here.”

Jax likes to hang solo in the pool house

The duo took the producers outside onto their patio. Their backyard also has a pool house, pool, and playground space for Cruz. Perfect for inviting friends over.

“We entertain a lot,” Jax revealed. “Our backyard is set up for entertaining. And everyone kind of comes over here and gathers in the pool house and all the kids play in the pool. And I love to barbeque.”

“Wait, do you love to barbecue? Who bbqs?” Brittany joked.

The tour ended in the pool house, where Jax admitted to seeking solace from his family in that area.

“I kinda come out here when I want to get away from everybody. I just come out here and watch the game on the swing,” he explained.

It would be interesting to note when this house tour was filmed in the timeframe of Jax and Brittany’s separation. If it was recorded recently, credit can certainly be given to them for their amiable banter. In addition to that, it’s a gorgeous house.

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