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Rachel Leviss Claims Tom Sandoval Called Her a ‘Sociopath’

Vanderpump Rules star Tom Sandoval doesn’t like his co-stars profiting from Scandoval. His affair with Rachel Leviss, while in a nearly decade-long relationship with Ariana Madix, fueled podcast content and merchandise for his VPR cast members. Tom also slammed Rachel for talking about their relationship on her podcast, Rachel Goes Rogue.

“Stop talking about the show,” Sandoval remarked. Then he added, “You know what, I take that back. Girl’s gotta eat, you know what I mean, she’s gotta make some money.”

So, what do we learn from Rachel’s podcast? We learn a ton about the intimate details of her affair with Sandoval, and it doesn’t paint a pretty picture. While he frames it as true love, she now sees it differently.

Are you serious, Sandoval?

Rachel recently shared some details on her Rachel Goes Rogue podcast about the biggest argument that she had with Sandoval. She didn’t want him to stay in his relationship with Ariana. Sandoval would state that he was “actively breaking up with [Ariana].” It isn’t that hard to end a relationship, is it?

But Sandoval didn’t want Rachel to see other men. “I was seeing someone before Tom and I got involved … He hit me up and we hung out,” Rachel explained. “And I told Tom about it and he called me a sociopath. And I said, ‘That’s not fair because I want to be exclusive with you. But since you’re not exclusive to me, hence being in a public relationship, that’s not fair to me.’”

She continued, “You know, like I’m in my 20s. I’m supposed to be living my life. I’m supposed to be dating other people.” Rachel added, “He really threw me for a loop because then he accused me of being a sociopath.”

She also addressed how Sandoval tried to convince her to leave The Meadows. Rachel was receiving mental health treatment there. “He calls me selfish for staying. I shared with him that I was having really dark thoughts. And I told him I was extending two more weeks. He said that that was a bad idea,” she stated. “And I said, ‘I’m scared if I come out of what might happen if I’m having these dark thoughts.’ He said, ‘That’s still a bad idea. I’ve been having to rough it out here alone.’” Yikes!

“And that’s when I really knew that this person does not love me,” Rachel said, “And this is a love bomb tactic to try to have this control over me.”

I’m glad that Rachel removed herself from this toxic relationship and opted not to film Season 11 of Pump Rules.

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