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Melissa Gorga Teases RHONJ Season 14 Finale: ‘So Dirty and Just Not Good’

Season 14 of Real Housewives of New Jersey is almost upon us. Bravo recently treated fans to a little sneak peek of the premiere online. But since filming began, the cast has regularly spoken about how intense the season has been.

Now longtime cast member Melissa Gorga is dishing about the season finale. She gave ET some hints about what viewers have in store for them.

“A big no-no”

“I think the finale is so dirty and just not good. It’s just a big no-no what happened,” Melissa teased. She wouldn’t go any further than that and at this point, it’s impossible to tell what she’s talking about.

So much has changed with the cast dynamics since last season. But one thing hasn’t changed: Melissa’s years-long feud with sister-in-law Teresa Giudice. After last season, the two iced each other out and refused to speak. According to Melissa, that carried over into filming Season 14.

“Unfortunately,” she noted. “I finally accepted that. I fought for so many years for other people. I, honestly — more than even myself — I fought for the family and for my husband and my kids, and I realized that it’s not worth fighting for, and I’m actually not doing them any favors.”

Housewives that plot together stay together

One of the final nails in the coffin of their tumultuous relationship was last season’s reunion. The cast accused Tre’s new husband Luis Ruelas of hiring private investigators to dig up dirt on them. It’s something Luis denied, but the cast wanted to be prepared and got together to strategize before taping the reunion.

While this may seem odd, Melissa asserted that it’s “totally normal.” “We had investigators investigating us! Of course, we’re gonna sit around and be like, ‘What are we doing with this guy?'” she explained.

“It’s actually extremely normal for Housewives to get together with a couple of girls that you’re close to, just on a Friday night, and be like, ‘So what about this reunion?’ It wasn’t such, like, a planned event. Like, it’s just so crazy, you know, for her to make it sound that way. It’s just another one of those not-so-true things that she just spits out into the world to try to make it look like something it’s not,” she added.

As for continued criticism Melissa gets about what she brings to RHONJ, she tries to ignore it. “Listen, we’re far from perfect. We have plenty of things, we have temper tantrums, we do all the things, right? But I feel like we’re a happy couple. We’re the longest-standing Housewives couple on Bravo, [husband] Joe [Gorga] and I. So, they wanna tear you down, unfortunately.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey premieres May 5 at 8/7c on Bravo.