Paul Connel and Dolores Catania sitting together on a blue couch at BravoCon 2023
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Paul Connell ‘Very Close’ To Finalizing Divorce, Says Dolores Catania

Divorces are complicated, but for Dolores Catania’s boyfriend, Paul “Paulie” Connell, things have been extra messy. He’s been battling his ex-wife since we first met him on Real Housewives of New Jersey. So, yes, technically Dolores has been dating a married man this whole time.

Fortunately, it looks like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. In a conversation with Us Weekly, Dolores shared that there’s been some progress in Paulie’s ongoing divorce. That means she’s one step closer to being Mrs. Connell … maybe.

One step at a time

Paul and Dolores first confirmed their relationship in 2021. Since then, her castmates have been asking about a future marriage between the two. During RHONJ Season 13, Margaret Josephs spilled the beans about Paulie’s marital status. She revealed that even if they wanted to get married, they couldn’t because Paulie was still married to his ex. Last year, he confirmed the status of his divorce but claimed it wasn’t stopping him from pursuing a future with Dolores.

Paulie argued, “I am not divorced yet but obviously, I [have been] separated for many years. A document to finalize the past or set the present is not preventing myself and Dolores from planning our future together in any way or form.”

Now, over a year later, Dolores confirmed that there’s been some movement in the divorce process. It’s been a long, drawn-out process. Regardless, she was adamant that it hadn’t impacted their relationship.

“It’s very close,” Dolores revealed “It’s been moving along.”

According to Dolores, even when Paulie finalizes his divorce, they aren’t going to rush into an engagement. She said it’s a little “annoying” that people keep asking them about it. Dolores said she’s a little too grown for that line of questioning.

“Isn’t that, like, a societal thing? It’s got to stop.” Dolores told the outlet. “Why doesn’t everybody just ask, ‘What’s our next trip? What’s your next plan?’ Does it have to be marriage? Does it have to be engagement? Happiness is the goal. Peace in our lives is the goal. We’ve had that.”

So, although Paulie is inching towards divorce, it’s pretty clear that there isn’t going to be a wedding anytime soon. Just like the divorce, they’re taking things one day at a time. Dolores confirmed that “things are great” right now. As long as they’re happy, we’re happy.

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