The Valley: Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright’s Red Flags

Jax Taylor Brittany Cartwright
Photo Credit: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Throughout their tenuous relationship, Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright have had some major hurdles to overcome. They’ve had so many relationship bumps already! What first attracted Jax to the Kentucky native was that she was probably working as a Hooters girl. After convincing her to give up her dreams in the Bluegrass state, Jax still couldn’t stay faithful. More than once, fans watched as the The Valley star cheated and then lied to Brit. But somehow, they made their marriage kind of work. However, the cracks in their foundation are starting to show now. 

Mondrian date night

During the latest episode, Jax tried to use his magic power of seduction and take Brittany on a date night to the Mondrian. However, his piss poor planning did nothing to satiate his wife’s appetite for love. First, Jax planned an overnight date after Brittany’s mother, who is the built-in babysitter, left. Then, he shut his wife’s emotions down when she brought up the idea of a second child.

Brittany was left to cry over her main course while Jax tried to pretend he was also upset. The next scene shows Jax attempting to comfort his wife on the couch, but the discussion quickly goes south, too. So not only did Jax plan a pretty lame night out on the town, but the couple also went to sleep angry with one another. 

Jax disregards B’s opinion

As a fan, I am thrilled Jax has opened a sports bar I can visit in hopes of catching a glimpse. But Brittany is less than impressed with her husband’s new venture mainly because she hasn’t been included in the decision-making process. Even though Jax argued that B was one hundred percent involved in the business, viewers saw otherwise. On a drive down in their golf cart, Jax repeatedly shut his wife down when she asked valid questions. Even Brittany’s mom, Sherri, shared her opinions when she was in town, noting, “Open a bar, get divorced.” 

Jax judges Brittany

For the entire first season of The Valley, Jax has made dig after dig about his wife’s drinking. During a dinner at Janet Caperna’s home, Brittany fell ill but couldn’t garner one ounce of sympathy from Jax. Instead, the father of one said, “If you know something’s going to make you sick, don’t drink it.” Brittany responded in her confessional, saying, “I had one sake shot. It was my first drink of the night. Him snapping at me — it is so hard to constantly be somebody’s punching bag. It is not fair.”

The lack of care for his wife is giving major ick vibes. Instead of caring for Brittany, he made her feel worse, noting, “You know better. Enough is enough. Stop f*cking drinking. You want more kids? Act like a mom.” Jax’s visceral displeasure is a major red flag because he is acting as if Britt has a drinking problem when she doesn’t. It almost feels like he wants to have some control over her and when she gets to let loose. 

Brittany doesn’t feel the love

I could tell the love was starting to fade after Brittany admitted that Jax “doesn’t lift me up.” Since the premiere, Brittany has struggled with her self-confidence, often pointing out that she feels her husband isn’t attracted to her anymore. Brittany shared, “I don’t feel like he’s attracted to me. We don’t have sex ever. It’s so hard to be married sometimes.” 

Brittany is also tired of the hypocrisy that her husband dolls out. She told Janet once, “The guys are so hypocritical and have all these double standards sometimes. It is so annoying. Like the other day, I was not feeling good, and Jax kept making it worse. He actually goes out way more than I do, which I don’t even care. He comes home drunk, but if I do, then it is the worst thing in the world.”

Jax and Brittany are currently separated, but with this many red flags, I find it hard to believe that she will want to reunite. Brittany has finally gotten a taste of freedom, and I think Jax would have to impress her to win his wife back at this rate. It just goes to show that red flags often pop up for a reason.