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James Kennedy Defends Ariana Madix Against Tom Sandoval Over Dog Custody

James Kennedy is having a rough time with Tom Sandoval. Clearly, Tom’s affair with this DJ’s ex-fiance still stings, even though James is now with Ally Lewber. Also though, Tom’s antics in Vanderpump Rules Season 11 have been pretty tough to swallow. Speaking of swallowing, in the VPR Season 11 Reunion Part 2, these boys told each other to “eat a d*ck,” so clearly, their friendship still sucks, every pun intended.

Things really came to a head (heh) here though once Ariana Madix began talking about the future custody of her pets with Tom. This storyline hits personally with James, as he lost custody of his own good boy Graham, aka Hippie, when he and Rachel Leviss first parted ways. Now, Hippie’s back in his home, safe and sound. However, James still gets it, so he’s using his past experiences to now stand up for Ariana.

Zero minced words

In Part 2 of the reunion, Andy Cohen asked the custody question that kicked this whole fight into motion. “There was no discussions, it was just ruled she was taking it,” Tom replied. In response, Ariana explained that she has custody of Kitty. Likewise, Mya is also hers.

At this, Tom rolled his eyes. James’ activation switch then flipped on.

“You were fine when Raquel took Graham from me. You became his secret new daddy, getting your d*ck wet for seven months,” he yelled. This got a few “dude, James” replies from Tom. But then, James explained that he “wouldn’t have said anything right now if you weren’t rolling eyes thinking what [Ariana’s] saying is not completely, 100% f*cking accurate.”

Tom didn’t like this either. In fact, he threatened James, saying, “I’m keeping my mouth shut about things that I’ve heard. Get off your high horse.”

Instead of getting off of any tall horses, James fired back. He told Tom to “eat a d*ck.” In turn, Tom told him to do the same.

Part 3 of the Vanderpump Rules reunion airs Tuesday, May 28, at 8/7c on Bravo.