RHONJ Season 14: Can Margaret Josephs and Teresa Giudice Ever Be Friends Again?

Teresa Giudice and Margaret Josephs
Photo Credit: Heidi Gutman/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Margaret Josephs isn’t holding back regarding her dislike of Teresa Giudice. The MacBeth Collection founder used to love the OG when she first started on the series. As fans will recall, Marge once orchestrated a memorial for Tre’s mother, which included a beautiful floral wreath. But somewhere along the line, their friendship fizzled out. It isn’t exactly a surprise since Teresa has a knack for making enemies, thanks to her inability to hold herself accountable. But Marge isn’t moving on from her grudge, which could cause future issues.  

The reunion

It all came to a head when Margaret learned that Luis Ruelas had tried to contact her son at his place of work. During the Season 13 reunion, Luis hinted that he had information on everyone on the stage with his wife. Understandably, this ruffled the feathers of the fellow housewives as it left them thinking, “Who am I dealing with?” The last straw, according to Margaret, was when the 49-year-old called her son and allegedly threatened him.

Marge’s son has never appeared on the Real Housewives of New Jersey in any capacity. So why bring in essentially a third party who has never wronged Luis or Tre? The move didn’t make sense, which is why Marge was so shaken. The entrepreneur later revealed she had audio from the conversation but has not publicly shared it. At the time, all Marge would say was, “There was a conversation that was had,” and although Luis claimed that it was just a “spoof call,” the police didn’t think it was a spoof call.

Marge slams Tre

I doubt there is any way to mend this fractured friendship, especially after Marge recently called Teresa a liar and a sociopath. While speaking on Sirius XM’s Jeff Lewis Live, Marge doubled down, noting, “He actually called my son, but I don’t want to really hyperfocus on that, but he did.” I would argue that Margaret is pretty good at letting things go as long as the perpetrator admits to what they did. However, during the Season 13 reunion, it was hard for her to keep quiet as she revealed why she had put the target on Luis’ back.

The Garden State housewife went on to say, “I brought it up at the reunion just to say, ‘This is what you did. This is why I want nothing to do with you people,’ and they’re sociopaths. Teresa’s a sociopath. She is lying nonstop in people’s faces. I’m watching her do interviews and lie about things that are happening. Just admit that you hire people. You dig up stuff.” While I don’t think Marge is wrong in her line of thinking, one thing is for sure – Tre won’t like it one bit. 

Tre isn’t backing down

Teresa and Margaret haven’t always agreed on much. So, it isn’t surprising that the OG has her own set of opinions. In March, Teresa reignited their flames of hatred while on Tori Spelling’s MisSpelling podcast. The trailer for Real Housewives of New Jersey had just been released and showed Marge commenting on Luis’ spending habits. The mother of four told the actress, “Margaret says my husband spends all my money. Like, bitch, you don’t even know what you’re talking about. She’s not even in my house. She’s putting out this false narrative out there.”

During the interview, Tre does what she does best. She comes up with outlandish opinions, noting, “And it’s like, she’s trying to make me her storyline. That’s all she does is talk about me. She’s obsessed with me and my husband.” I just can’t imagine that Margaret is obsessed with Luis.

You’ve got a friend in me

It would take a miracle for these two women to ever be friends again, which, frankly, I just don’t see happening. Real Housewives of New Jersey viewers already notice that Margaret is pulling away from her close friend, Jennifer Fessler, due to her association with Tre and Luis. I genuinely believe the only way there can be forgiveness is for Teresa to come clean about everything she has done, which will never happen.

Marge is also super close to Melissa Gorga, whom Teresa no longer speaks to. I do not see a day where Marge goes against her alliance and close comradery with Missy G. That’s all she wrote of this friendship saga. I think it is safe to say these two will be enemies for a long time to come.