How RHONJ Fans Are Responding to Season 14 So Far

Teresa Giudice
Photo Credit: Chelsea Guglielmino/Bravo via Getty Images

As a die-hard Real Housewives of New Jersey fan, I am open to cast changes, family feuds, and throwing husbands in the pool. Not every season will be a hit, but I do expect a lot from my Garden State housewives. The women of Bergen County and Morris County have entertained us as if they were gladiators and viewers were the spectators with the power to throw rotted fruit. 

There have been multiple storylines including Teresa Giudice and Joe Gorga prolonging a family feud for literally 12 seasons. We’ve seen Dolores Catania find love, lose love, and find it again. All while still staying close to her ex, Frank Catania. And we’ve watched Melissa Gorga break free from the traditions of an Italian housewife and build a life most would Envy. So, what are fans thinking of Season 14 thus far? Let’s take a look.

Fans feel Teresa is moving in shady ways

There is no sugarcoating the fact that Teresa has always been a thorn in her castmate’s side. Between not accepting responsibility for her part in the family fallout and truly drinking her own Kool-Aid, Tre needs a life coach, stat. There was some hope that Season 14 would show the mother of four changing her stripes, but after a recent episode, fans feel like we are about to get Strippergate 2.0. 

Teresa has been called out by fans for acting “Shady” and “disturbing” via a Reddit thread created by fans. One follower wrote, “Her and Melissa and Joe are so repetitive. LIKE WE GET IT. But watching Teresa with Louie is so disturbing. He is so freaking shady, and everyone sees it low key, even Dolores but doesn’t say anything.” 

Luis is the problem?

Viewers seemed to have lost empathy for the OG, with one writing, “But Tre gonna be an idiot and let another man use her up and then act like she didn’t know shady things were happening.” Teresa’s storyline with Luis Ruelas currently feels rehearsed. I mean, Tre wasn’t the first housewife he tried to date. 

We all remember him trying to hit on Alexia Neopla. Between the shady business dealings, the hiring of private detectives, and claiming to have manilla folders on the rest of the cast, Luis is bringing Tre way down. Historically, Teresa hasn’t been a great judge of character. After Joe Giudice was deported, I believe she desperately wanted to find love and settle. One fan said it best: Luis gives “Dirty John vibes.”  

Social media never forgets

Even though Teresa always feels like she is being used for a storyline (and she isn’t exactly wrong), leaked DMs recently showed that both Tre and Jennifer Aydin were willing to go any distance to have their cast members dragged through the mud. A fan account recently shared receipts showing Jennifer confirming that a fight occurred on set between Danielle Cabral. When exposed to more DMs, Jennifer became irate, feeling like she had some sacred bond with the blogger. The same exposed blogger also claimed that Tre and Luis had planted stuff on their fellow castmates behind the scenes. 

Fans were not pleased with these revelations, with one writing via another Reddit thread. “Can’t these people find an authentic storyline?” Another viewer joked “Am I the only one who feels like Jen caught feels for this girl or something because these texts are INTENSE.” But viewers seemed to be most upset with Jennifer’s callous attitude towards a child, with one fan pointing out, “The way she is holding over her head the purchase of a “stroller ‘for your special needs child’ wowwwww.”

Without a crystal ball, I dare say that Season 14 might be the most dramatic for the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The end scene that shows Dolores sitting at The Rails dining table like a mob boss is everything. Margaret Josephs is in a vindictive tailspin, which is sending me especially after she found out that Tre and Luis tried to ruin her Walmart deal. So buckle up, kids; this season is going to be a bumpy ride.