Jackie Goldschneider talks friendship with Teresa Giudice.
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Jackie Goldschneider on Teresa Giudice Friendship: ‘Really Excited’

Jackie Goldschneider is “really excited [about] hanging out” with her new bestie Teresa Guidice.

How did that happen? In a preview of Season 14, Episode 6 of Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jackie claims that Tre has “fun” energy. Perhaps Jackie needs to watch some of the early episodes of RHONJ and see Teresa in screaming table-flipping mode. Not so much fun.

“I want to be surrounded by nice people and people who make me happy, so here we are,” Jackie said. “I don’t want the heavy stuff.” Hmmm. I’ll just wait right over here …

A rough start turned around

As soon as Jackie joined the Jersey cast in Season 9 (2018), she and Teresa were in opposite corners. Tension reached an all-time high in Season 11 when Teresa said Jackie wasn’t smart. Jackie, in return, called the OG “a non-stop monster” and not “her cup of tea.”

Now that they’ve achieved peace with each other, Jackie even casually drops by Teresa’s home in the preview. At Tre’s, the two former enemies shared small talk and bonded over having kids the same age.

“I’m really excited that I’m hanging out with Teresa,” she tells producers. “If I was looking at this a year ago, I don’t think I’d be able to explain it to myself.”

Jackie’s visit was an opportunity for Tre to explain why she’d dipped out so suddenly during Danielle Cabral’s “boujie brunch” a few days earlier. When the group get-together turned nasty, the mom of four made a sudden exit, seemingly to avoid the argument. But she had actually left to watch her 14-year-old daughter Audriana play volleyball.

“It was her first volleyball game,” Tre explained. 

Switching “teams”

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In previous seasons Jackie was close to Margaret Josephs, who is firmly on Melissa Gorga’s side against Tre. But since then, Jackie has fallen out with both Marge and Melissa.

In the preview, Melissa tells her husband, Joe Gorga, that she believes Teresa took Jackie under her wing because they share a common enemy in Margaret. But Tre says seeing the freelance writer “stand up” for herself was what caught her attention.

“I love powerful women,” she told Jackie. “I think you’re amazing.” 

“I’ve never felt like you and I were OK until now,” a surprised Jackie told Teresa. “I was a broken person for a long time. I’m not anymore … I feel like the energy coming from you and from Jen [Aydin] is just so much, like, lighter and more fun. That’s what I’m after.”

But on this show, friendships form and friendships fall apart. Only time will tell whether Jackie and Tre can remain BFFs. Teresa’s known for losing her cool and exploding on people. We’ll see how Jackie feels about that kind of energy.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey airs at 8/7c on Bravo.